David Osio’s Team at Davos REG Launches a Real Estate App

In June 2016, Davos Real Estate Group launched its new mobile app named Davos CAP Calculator. The app aims to project the return on real estate investments which may interest a client. Among the major benefits of the new application is mortgage calculator to allow a Davos’ clients to estimate… Read more »

Experience The Ultimate Joy Passed Across the World Through the Lovaganza Celebrations

The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise has released information about the specific dates when the 2020 celebrations will be held. Many people across the world have been looking forward to this announcement and it seems the dreams of many to experience never-before-seen presentations are about to come true. Lovaganza has been moving… Read more »

Securus Technologies Responds To Claims Made By GTL

Communication with the public is done by companies both large and small on a regular basis. There are various reasons why companies communicate on a regular basis with the public. One of the most popular reasons is branding. Whether branding or another purpose, communicating with the public has proven to… Read more »

Lime Crime Cosmetics – Bold and Daring Like their Founder Doe Deere

Most fashion brands owe their identity to their founders. Rapidly growing cosmetic company Lime Crime Cosmetics is no exception to this rule. Every product launched by the company has to go through the personal approval of Doe Deere. Her “ultra-feminine” personality, as she like to call it herself is mirrored… Read more »

The Rapport between Fashion and Technology Industry

The present trends Designers are working day and night to ensure that they blend fashion with technology. The use of technology has seen innovative developments in the fashion industry. Anouk Wipprecht is one of the designers who has managed to marry fashion with technology. She is well known for her… Read more »