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A Comprehensive Tour To Explore The Services Offered By IAP Worldwide Services

Established in 1953, IAP Worldwide Services has stood out as a verified provider of global-scale logistics and support services in technical fields. Through the years, they have worked on improving their system and enhancing the technology applied in the management of various tasks assigned by their clients.

One of the mission that drives IAP Worldwide Services is the need to offer services that cover virtually all specialties, and this has been partially achieved from the many acquisitions they have effected. Since inception, they have worked on enhancing the services offered and improving their responsiveness to problems in various industries.

Temporary and permanent power solutions
IAP Worldwide Services offers bridge power generation for temporary solutions of power to cater for the needs of customers in grid paralleled mode. The company offers emergency disaster power solutions and in the process of executing its operations has managed to install over 10,000 generators at facilities in different locations within the U.S.

Another area of power distribution IAP Worldwide Services has excelled in is the provision of permanent power solutions. The company has constructed and designed 600 megawatts of plants. The connection process includes initial assessment of the present plant fleet and source to understand the areas that should be corrected or upgraded. The company enjoys great capabilities that span through the whole project cycle to offer results.

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Health emergency services
In line with the mission of the IAP community, the company offers comprehensive support services that help employees to enjoy safety and comfort at work places. IAP has employed a full-time support team that offers 24-hour security monitoring and parking assistance for guests.

Logistics and supply chain
Ensuring goods are transported safely and successfully entails more than just having the means. It requires an efficient system that is well-coordinated to achieve success and to ensure the transportation process goes on successfully. IAP Worldwide Services ensures this happens on budget and faster than most companies would effect such a process.

For site and infrastructure inspection and maintenance, IAP scores remarkably well and through their expert team, the company processes operations maintenance and ensures all HVAC operations are restored within time and accurately. For housekeeping services IAP delivers in accordance with the standards set for the industry with great focus on quality and enhancing customer service.

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