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Throwing A Party? Read These Entertaining Tips From Real Event Planners

Throwing a party of any size can quickly turn into a headache if you don’t know how to stay organized and plan correctly. The pressure of keeping your guests entertained combined with the need to stay within a budget and keep track of all the small details can turn the calmest person into a frazzled mess. That’s why we asked event planners in NYC to share their tips when it comes to entertaining.


By staying organized, simplifying the big stuff like food and incorporating your unique personality into your party, you’ll be able to throw an event that guests will be talking about for a long time.



  1. Use Spreadsheets


Professional party planners rely on spreadsheet software to stay organized. Keep a list of everything from your guest list to your grocery lists. Trust us, you’ll be thankful that you did.



  1. Come Up with a Clever Theme


A unique theme adds a layer of fun and imagination to any party. Come up with a theme that’s true to your personality. Consider a theme that reflects your favorite movie or decade and tell guests to get dressed up. Plan your decor and menu accordingly.



  1. Stick to Simple Appetizers


Of course you want to serve delicious food to your guests. However, you don’t have to wear yourself out in the kitchen on the days leading up to the party. Opt for simple but popular appetizers like hummus, bacon-wrapped shrimp and miniature sandwiches.



  1. Hire a Party Planner


If just the thought of throwing a party gives you anxiety, it’s okay to hire a professional planner. Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company in NYC that will take care of everything for you. They offer every service from entertainment to stunning food. Plus, they can be there during your party to coordinate everything so that you can just focus on being a good host.



  1. Take Some Time to Unwind


Right before your guests start to arrive, take some time to relax and unwind. Throwing a party is stressful and you deserve to have a few moments of quiet time before getting into your hosting responsibilities. Put on some calming music, light some candles and look around at all the hard work that you have done.


Getting to Know Eric Pulier

At a tender age, Eric Pulier can be referred by many titles. He can be referred to as an entrepreneur, generous philanthropist, a brilliant technologist as well as a published author and a column speaker. Eric Pulier has been involved with several startups that have proven to be very successful. Eric has been shaped by his education background coupled with impressive natural intelligence. The boy grew up in New Jersey and mastered the art of programming at fourth grade. He established his first venture after high school back in 1984. His first company was a database related company.

Shortly after high school, Eric Pulier proceeded to Harvard University for his undergraduate program. He soon realized his passion in editing when he joined the Harvard Crimson as an editor. Eric covered a wide range of topics in his column such as the dangers of terrorism and the stigma that comes along a Harvard degree. Shortly after finishing his studies at the University, he decided to relocate to the city of dreams, Los Angeles to chase after his dreams. One of his earliest startups is the XPrize that proved to be very successful. It’s a program awarding people who have the desire to push themselves above their potential. The initial plan with this startup was to help young adults and teenagers to realize their dreams.

His next startup was the Akana which also proved to be successful. He is also the owner of the SOA software and its affiliated programs. He acquired this venture in the early 2000s. 16 years later, the venture was bought by the Rogue Wave Software for an undisclosed fee. Eric is very active when it comes to philanthropy. Some of his most notable causes in this case is the Painted Turtle. This is an organization helping children living with chronic illnesses. Other than money, Eric has donated his time to see that these children get the much needed medical attention.

He is also involved with another startup called the Starbright world in helping children. Other ventures that Eric Pulier has been involved with include Media Platform, Desktone, and Akana. He is known as a supporter of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Statement Regarding the Water Quality at Upper Mountain

The quality of water at Upper Mountain has been in question after some bacteria were detected in it. Squaw Valley issued a statement in response to these findings. E. coli and coliform bacteria are some of the impurities that were detected in the water. Health experts have worked to get rid of the bacteria in that water.


Consistent treatment of the water has been done, and there is now an improvement on its condition. The E. coli bacterium has been removed from the water entirely while the level of the coliform on three of the wells has decreased significantly.

There is no health issue reported from the restaurants at Upper Mountain. Guests are not allowed to drink the water until the issue is fully resolved.


The water systems in Placer County were affected by the heavy rain storms that were experienced in October. Water at Squaw Valley was contaminated due to an increase in the water levels at High Camp and Gold Coast. The issue of contamination was only experienced in this systems and no other water system around Squaw Valley was contaminated.

The contaminated water was never distributed to the public because the issue was discovered early. The Placer Environmental Health responded fast after being contacted, and they began the purification process. Also, Squaw Valley consulted other water safety experts who have continued to work together with Squaw Valley to ensuring the water systems are back to their normal functioning.


Until health officials ensure that the water is safe for the public to use, Squaw Valley will not get back to its usual water usage. Since the safety of consumers comes first, Squaw Valley has taken this issue very seriously. While the issue is being resolved, guests at High Camp and Gold Coast have access to clean and safe for consumption bottled water.


Until experts ensure Squaw Valley that the water is safe, guests have been asked to wait for an update on this issue from the management. Squaw Valley is very grateful to Squaw Valley Public Service District and the Placer County for their continued support in resolving this issue.


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What Services Does Cotemar Offer to the Gas and Oil Industry?

Cotemar is Mexican company that prides in providing services to the energy sector. The company has been serving the oil and gas industry for about 37 years and especially one of their key customers, Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) who eventually certified and validated them. Over the years the company has persistently evolved to increase and improve their services across the value chain in the energy sector. They incorporate integration of process equipment and efficient indicators and employ highly skilled employees to ensure they achieve outstanding performance. Cotemar has three full services they offer as described below:

  • Catering and Accommodation

Cotemar operates vessels and rigs which incorporate accommodation and catering services. Among the services available in this category include laundry, food, and drinks, cleaning in some areas as well as bedding. Each cabin in the vessels is entitled to receive these services. Each accommodation vessel has cabins with a capacity of four or two people and a recreation area for activities such as basketball court, TV rooms, and fitness center among others. Cotemar has a hotel for the purpose of supporting the offshore operations, Ciudad del Carmen. The vessels and rigs hold a capacity of over 4,000 individuals offering them catering and accommodation services.

  • Specialized and Maritime Support Vessels

The specialized vessels that the company operates have dynamic positioning system which assists in the provision of offshore maintenance. The operations of the vessels get controlled by computers that are linked through the satellite so as to ensure that they do not move around. The specialized vessels at Cotemar are used for the transportation of personnel and lightweight materials from offshore to Ciudad del Carmen and back in the Campeche Bay. A different refrigerated vessel is used for transportation of food, drinks and other items that need refrigeration. Most specialized vessels are for transportation of structures required for upstream, oils and other liquids extracted from the fields and abrasive bulk materials. Others are firefighting vessels for putting off fires and oils spills FIFI II.

  • Construction, Modernization, Maintenance and Engineering

These services are delivered through the use of dynamic positioning semi-submersible rig which can move around. The rigs are characterized with high load capacity derrick cranes and working decks for construction purposes. A mobile connection helps in the control of the operations by capturing information in the field using art technology system. Cotemar ensures they work within the time and money budget, ensure safety, uphold quality and take care of the environment as they win customer’s trust.

Eucatex S.A. Flourishes under the Leadership of Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a successful businessman based in Brazil. He studied mechanical engineering at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation and later went to the New York University to study administration. Mr. Maluf is married to Jacqueline de Lourdes Coutinho Torres and has 3 children.

Career Milestones and Accomplishments

Flavio Maluf is currently the president and CEO of Eucatex S.A Industria e Comerciro. The company was founded in 1951 and is involved in the production of insulation plates and acoustic sheets from the eucalyptus tree. It has grown rapidly over the years and is now among the leading companies in its niche in Brazil. Mr. Flavio Maluf joined the company in 1987 as a junior member of staff. His discipline and hard work saw him rise through the ranks and become president of the group in 1997. In 2005, he was appointed CEO of the company.

The company has undergone numerous changes under his leadership, such as the modernization of its production processes immediately he took over as president. Flavio Maluf made good investment decisions that provided the company with the funds to expand its operations and even gain access to new markets. The company has launched many new innovative products under the guidance of Flavio Maluf. Eucatex was also able to open branches in many states in Brazil and start exporting its products to at least 25 countries on In 2014 alone, its market share grew by more than 25%.

Mr. Maluf has embedded in the company a culture of care and respect for the environment. The company ensures responsible disposal of waste and handling of materials during its production processes on Odiario. It also uses energy-efficient production methods.


Flavio Maluf has set the bar high for his peers in the construction industry at His discipline and commitment to excellence are what have enabled him to achieve so much in his career. He is a selfless man who cares about the welfare of the community as seen from his active participation in many charity events. He loves to spend his free time with his family. He is also the president of the GrandFood Group, an animal feeds company.

The Future And Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a company that looks into the future with great hopes. They want to make the world a safer place for everyone to live and work, and they are well on their way to doing so. They are inventing new technologies every week that are helping tremendously.


They want the public to know more about what they do, and why it is so good for the country and the world. In order to accomplish this, they decided to invite the public to their complex in Dallas, TX for a presentation. At the presentation, they will get to see firsthand the latest technologies that the company is working on, and they will be allowed to ask questions.


The company is the leader in the public safety field, and they are being contracted by the government for work in their facilities. They are in demand across the country, and known and respected around the world for all the excellent work that they do in the safety field. In the future, they want to help even more with the inmates that they deal with. These number in the millions, and they use videos, investigations and a variety of other techniques to assist them while keeping the inmates and the public safe. There is quite a bit of great technology that will be coming from this company, and it will be all for the better of the world.



Tech Fashion Trends for the Future

In an era when technology has permeated virtually every industry, fashion has become more than just about looking good. Many designers are merging technology with fashion with incredible outcomes. And, as both industries grow together, the future is expected to see a revolution in how people dress.


More than Just Clothing

Designers’ creativity has been pushing the boundaries of what fashion is all about. From drink-making dresses to cloths that capture kinetic energy, it seems that there is almost no limit to the utilization of technology in the fashion industry.

In particular, the merger between technology and fashion is contributing towards the safety of its wearers. For instance, Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan recently designed Frontline Gloves made especially for firefighters. These gloves interpret simple hand gestures to allow firefighters to communicate easily in their chaotic working environments. Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt also designed an airbag for cyclists who do not like wearing helmet. These subtle airbags are worn around the neck and inflate in case of accidents to keep the cyclist safe.


Designers have also been using technology to make the world greener. For instance, SegraSegra has been making beautiful jackets and t-shirts from recycled inner bicycle tubes. Soledad Martin, a renowned designer, is also working on a prototype for shoes that capture kinetic energy from the wearer’s movement.


A Mutually Dependent Relationship

As they become increasingly intertwined, technology and fashion are depending on each other for their growth. This has been especially evident in the fashion industry’s role in marketing what many consider next-generation technology.

For instance, Google Glass has not received the kind of reception that was expected in spite of its sophistication. However, fashion is helping to change this by overcoming the stigma associated with wearing the device. Diane Von Furstenberg, a renowned fashion designer, recently projected Google Glass as a cool wearable technology by getting her models to wear the gadgets on the catwalk.


About Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He is also an accomplished investor with a robust and diverse portfolio. His success as an investor started back in 1976 when he was still an undergraduate at Ithaca College. His first investment was in an apparel business that he branded Eagle’s Eye, and he has been largely involved in the fashion industry since then. His investments are largely focused on technology and fashion. In fact, he has contributed to the rise of several luxury and technology brands including Poppin and Voss Water.