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Richard Liu Qiangdong: is Ready to Go Global

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founding Chief Executive Officer of, a market leader in the Asian e-commerce retail industry. The Jiangsu-born businessman has shot to international fame for his immense business success. He started in business in 2004, setting up a single shop to sell computer parts in Beijing.

The innate business ability in Richard Liu Qiangdong showed up when he expanded his computer parts stores to a total of twelve within a short period. But as fate would have it, the 2003 SARS outbreak grounded all his staff and clients, rendering the business redundant. The stores never recovered from the blow, and in 2004, Richard Liu decided to go online.

The migration from the brick and mortar establishment saw the birth of Since the inception of the company, Richard Liu has demonstrated his visionary leadership skills by steering it to the apex of the Chinese e-commerce industry within a short time. Today the company is listed on the Nasqad, and the CEO has grand plans for its expansion.

As a respected businessman and leader, Richard Liu Qiangdong made an appearance in this year’s World Economic Forum. During the event, which was held in Switzerland, Richard Liu explained his grand plans to take JD into the global market. He said that the preliminary plans would involve a revamping of its logistics market in those regions, where JD. Com has not firmly established its presence.

As part of the plans to expand the company’s logistics infrastructure, Richard Liu Qiangdong disclosed that’s logistics subsidiary would go public. Richard Liu also said the company is considering dual listing. Dual listing occurs when a company trades its shares in more than one stock market. According to Liu, the move will make the company’s stocks more liquid, a move which will eventually benefit the investors.

Although Richard Liu Qiangdong did not explicitly state when the listing will take place, he told the CBNC News that the listing would happen in mainland China or Hong Kong.

Earlier during the year, launched a fundraising round at its logistics business with a view of raising a total of $2 billion. The series attracted several noteworthy investors such as WeChat, Google, Sequoia Capital China, and Hillhouse Capital Group among others. Click here

Ryan Seacrest – Executive Producer and Co-Host “Live with Kelly and Ryan”

Ryan Seacrest holds an unrivaled stature in broadcast and cable television. Apart from these, he is a famous personality on local radio, syndicated radio, and recently joined Emmy Award Winners, “Live” to co-host alongside Kelly Ripa.

He is an astute entrepreneur, and his interests have seen him collaborate with diverse media and entertainment companies. He is also a staunch philanthropist with most of his efforts targeted towards the youth. The various youth-oriented initiatives are unquestionably having a significant impact across the nation.

Additionally, he serves as the RSF (Ryan Seacrest Foundation) chairman. This foundation has been instrumental in the opening of ten broadcast media centers, i.e. Seacrest Studios in pediatric hospitals and cities countrywide. He aims to inspire young people through entertainment and initiatives that are education based.

Furthermore, Seacrest Studios helps young patients have the chance to explore the television, radio, and media realms. Due to his philanthropic efforts, he was elected to serve on the LA County Museum board (LACMA). He also chairs the Grammy Foundation in an honorary position.

Most radio enthusiasts would acknowledge how the “On Air with Ryan” show is quite engaging and equally informative. He leads the radio industry with his syndicated LA morning drive-time show on the 102.7 KIIS-FM by iHeart Media. Apart from the radio shows, he hosts the ABC’s annual New Year’s Eve Program. The “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve hosted by Ryan Seacrest” has been the talk of the town.

Ryan Seacrest also launched the male tailored outfits and accessories fashion known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction, that happened at Macy’s. This fashion idea turned out to be a great success that was ever launched at the Macy’s for the last decade. Furthermore, he has plans to launch Polished, a modern men’s skincare company that was a product of a merger with a famous Hollywood Dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer. Additionally, Ryan Seacrest has a long-standing endorsement relationship with Coca-cola, Ford, and other blue-chip brands.

Finally, Ryan Seacrest has invested heavily in media and entertainment firms such as Civic Entertainment Group, Pinterest, and attn, a news media corporation. Additionally, he has made personal investments in DigiTour Media, an upcoming media firm that creates in real life YouTube experiences such as concerts, mobile-first wellness brands among others.

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Ted Bauman on Working Early in the Morning

Ted Bauman is a leading expert when it comes to the financial world. He was a financial advisor for international governments, worked in the non-profit industry for over two decades, and now writes a newsletter that helps everyday Americans protect and grow their assets. Having financial freedom is a very important asset to people all over the world. They work their whole lives to create a good life for themselves and their families, so being financially fit is crucial. Ted Bauman has some smart tips on how to achieve this.

Not only do people work a 9 to 5 jobs to accomplish this goal, but invest their finances to grow them even more. Mr. Bauman advises people to do this in a well-balanced approach to achieve full potential. Make a plan, do your research, and be flexible along the way. If you are going to invest in stocks, Ted recommends also investing in bonds. Stocks can potentially provide a big boost of money when a stock goes up, but people can also lose a lot of money. This is when bonds come in. They are sort of a long term insurance plan for people. Bonds create dividends that pay out a certain percentage each quarter. They are a slow and steady way of building wealth, but are super important to any successful investor. Ted created The Bauman Letter to help people everywhere invest wisely. He founded it in 2017 after joining Banyan Hill Publishing. Bauman also provides two stock alert newsletters called Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert. Ted uses his world travels and deep understanding of the economy to inform readers. He previously spent 25 years in South Africa working in the non-profit sector, helping build low-income housing for those in need.

As an successful entrepreneur, Ted Bauman needs to have good time management to get things done and to be productive. In the past, he struggled with time management, but with persistence and time, he got a lot better at it. Ted Bauman also does most of his productive writing in the morning. This is when he is at his best.