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Omar Yunes – Winner of the Best Franchisee Award at BFW, Mexico

Omar Yunes is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the food industry today and is the owner of 13 franchise of Sushi Itto. He recently even received the award for being the Best Franchisee in a globally acclaimed award ceremony held in Florence, Italy. Omar Yunes has had entrepreneurial spirit from the very young age, and by the time he was 21, he was also the owner of his first franchise unit of Sushi Itto. Today, he is the owner of 13 stores of Sushi Itto, a highly popular sushi based fusion food fast food restaurant, which has a total of 150 outlets across the country.


The franchise units owned by Omar Yunes are located at strategic points in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. He received the award for being the Best Franchisee primarily because of how he has helped in adding value to the brand as a whole and helped it reach out to more audience. Moreover, the franchise units owned by Omar Yunes are some of the most high-revenue generating stores. Omar Yunes continues to use new business and marketing strategies today attract more audience and ensures that all his units are well-synchronized and organized. The customers’ grievances are taken seriously and worked upon on priority.


The fact that popular food franchises from 34 countries participated in the event where Omar Yunes won the award for being the Best Franchisee speaks highly about Omar. Each franchise who took part in the event was screened and checked on various parameters that included how well it is organized, its popularity in the area, customers’ feedback, local reviews, how the franchise adds value to the brand, the efforts made by the team, customer services, and more. These factors helped the event organizers to judge which franchise is the best.


Diego Elizarrarras, who is the organizer of BFW Mexico, said that Omar Yunes is the deserving winner of the Best Franchisee award because he has done everything right to take his franchise units to the new heights of success, and helped add overall value to the brand of Sushi Itto. He plans to open many more franchise units shortly.

Success Academy: Redefining the Education System

While most school system are in constant pursuit of success, Success Academy already embraces success and excellence as its biggest virtue. Founded in 2006 by Eva Moskowitz who is the current Chief Executive Officer at the institution, Success Academy has arisen to the occasion to become the largest and best performing free public school in the entire New York City area. Currently the school has its presence in 41 schools across Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and Queens area with an approximate 14,000 student population.


Success Academy is fully authorized to conduct by the State University of New York’s Charter School Institute. The institution runs from elementary school through high school. Admission to the institution is done through a random lottery process done April of every year. The process is random selection as the school accommodates the needs of poor and marginalized pupils therefore using the application process may prove biased due to the limited space to accommodate every student.


Despite handling poor graders and the marginalized groups of student in the society, Success Academy has been able to defy all odds and produce high grades and quality students defeating other schools in the district. While to Success Academy critics this may seem hard to achieve, to them it has been flawless and it doesn’t break them a sweat.


How so? Right from the scholar’s entry level at the school, teachers are committed to their success. Success Academy education allows the teachers to concentrate on a scholar’s academic welfare and see them transition smoothly to the next stage of education. Additionally the academy has invested its resources on teachers and caregivers to help those students with special needs also acquire quality. At the academy, the teacher student ration is quite recommendable.


The other quality aspect when it comes to the education system of the school is its curriculum. Success Academy’s curriculum is tailored to help scholars acquire critical thinking skills and knowledge. These two skills are quite essential to the self-development of the scholar in later years. The institutions also involves the parents of their students and in heavily invests in core learning with a lesson going up to 80 minutes. With these strategies, Success Academy scholars are better equipped for the world.



Types of People That Study the Kabbalah

One thing that could be said about the Kabbalah Centre is that it is an attraction for all types of people. Everyone can visit the place and get something interesting out of the experience. It does not matter what types of differences the person has. He or she will be able to get he type of information that he is looking for during the visit. There is in fact plenty of people in the entertainment industry. Among the people that visit Kabbalah Centre are celebrities like Madonna. Madonna is known for her pop music career and also for a couple of roles in film.

Since Madonna has started studying under a rabbi, she has quit giving concerts on friday nights and instead has devoted that time to learning the secrets of the Kabbalah. One of the things that she has been given is a red string to put around her wrist for protection. Also, she is taught about evil spirits that she can ward off with the right material. One thing about the Kabbalah is that it makes use of many different types of Jewish rituals and artifacts. People who visit and study from the Kabbalah will find a lot of interesting features.

One of the major attractions to the Kabbalah Centre is its focus on universal wisdom. One thing that a lot of people search for is knowledge, and wisdom. There are some people that search for power. However, the real knowledge lies in power. Also, with great power comes a lot of responsibility. People who gain a lot of knowledge, power, and wisdom are given a huge responsibility as to what they are to do with it. This is one of the reasons that humility is one of the most valued traits in a person. The Kabbalah Centre makes sure that people who study the teachings are responsible and Kabbalah’s lacrosse camp.

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How Does Madison Street Capital Help Businesses?

Madison Street Capital has helped businesses for years with their services, and they are showing companies that there are simple ways to protect their assets. this company helps with valuation services, and they offer the Madison Street Capital reputation to all. The company is ready to handle capitalization of any firm, and they will ensure that they have given accurate information in all instances.


#1: The Design Of The Service


Someone who contacts Madison Street Capital for help will find that it is much easier to learn what is happening with another business. They may ask for a valuation of their own business, or they may ask for the averages in their industry. There is quite a lot to be learned, and someone who is searching for a simple way to learn about value in their business may ask the firm for help.


#2: Thorough Reports


There are many reports released from the Madison Street Capital, and each report is quite complete. The reports are written in a style that the client will understand, and it helps them feel as though they have the resources they need to make a choice. Informed business decisions must be facilitated with help from Madison Street Capital, and the reports may be shared with anyone who needs this information.


#3: Extra Customer Care


Madison Street will help customers close their business deals in the office. They will host both parties in a deal, and they will help the people in the deal sign their contract. All the paperwork that needs to be completed for the deal is covered by the office, and the Madison Street team will ensure that they have offered all the cash from the deal. Someone who wishes to have their deal managed by an unbiased third party may come to Madison Street for help.


#4: They Study Industries


They study the industries that they are asked to work in, and the company has grown quite a lot because it is going to help people learn how their industry look. The averages in an industry may be used as a baseline for the company, and they may read these reports any other time.


Someone who needs valuation reports on their business may learn quite a lot when working with Madison Street Capital. The company will do all that is needed to ensure that reports they build have the most accurate information.


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Mike Baur Has Built A Business That Nurtures Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is an acclaimed professional who has had a positive impact on the Switzerland economy. Over the past 20 years, Baur has steered several financial services institutions in the European country. Mike’s star in the sector of banking and finance was ignited when he was young. At his teenage years, it was clear that he would follow the path of financial services. Mike Baur advanced his knowledge in the field by getting an MBA from the Rochester University and an Executive MBA from the renowned University of Bern.


Much of his early career years were spent in the Swiss banking sector. Over a period of 20 years, Mike was able to ascend the heights of success in this industry to become one of the leaders of a big Swiss bank. Some of the banking institutions that Mike worked with include Sallfort and Clariden. In the year 2014, Mike Baur decided to take the challenges head-on. He started his private ventures. Mike teamed up with two partners to start up a venture they called the Swiss Start-Up Factory. The Swiss Start-Up Factory was a revolutionary approach to entrepreneurship. The firm focuses on nurturing startups through the provision of startup accelerator packages for entrepreneurs in the technology industry.


Mike Baur believes in empowering the youths and spends a lot of his time nurturing young people in their various startups. Using his experience and knowledge in the financial sector, he can guide the new crop of entrepreneurs. At the Swiss Startup, Mike Baur is tasked with the responsibility of raising resources for the running of the firm. The enterprise identifies the most promising startups in technology and helps them make progress in the business world.


Digital innovation has always been an area of interest for Mike Baur. The Swiss Startup Up Factory is more of an incubator in the field of computer technology. Budding entrepreneurs pitch their ideas, and they are guided in the process of actualizing the concepts and building attractive products for the consumers. Many individuals can credit the success of their businesses to the mentorship of the SSUF. Over a three month period, interested entrepreneurs are taken through an intense program on how they can build successful businesses.



Litigation from Karl Heideck and His Firm

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney who helps businesses with compliance and government statutes. He has worked with a number of clients in the past, and he will continue to do so in the future. This is a short look at how Karl Heideck helps his clients, and he will sit in their boardrooms when they need help.

There are many companies that are stuck with a compliance issue that they cannot handle on their own. Many of these issues must be handled by someone with legal training, and Karl Heideck will put his law firm to work on each new case. The cases that are managed by his office resolve well for his clients, and he will remain on retainer for as long as they need and his facebook.

Karl Heideck is a brilliant man who has been through many different cases with government compliance, and he will show his clients the simplest way to solve their problems. The company that needs help from Karl Heideck will have him service their account for as long as they need, and they will learn what he believes is their best choice and learn more about Karl.

Every company that wishes to handle their compliance issues must ask Karl Heideck for help, and he will begin to work on a case that may release the company from the problems that once plagued them. They will avoid issues that are often found with large businesses, and the client will call Karl and his staff any time he is needed for counsel and more information click here.

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Why To Use Cleansing Conditioners Instead Of Shampoo

WEN by Chaz Dean was created to give women a chemical-free hair cleansing option. All of the products that Chaz has created are made completely with natural ingredients and he never uses any harsh chemicals such as bleach or lightener.

Chaz Dean also uses his products, such as WEN, to educate all of his clients on the importance of healthy hair as well as how to maintain their healthy hair. WEN by Chaz Dean doesn’t include any form of shampoo, rather just a cleansing conditioner.

Co-Washing, which is just short for conditioning washing, is a no-shampoo method which can also be known as cleansing conditioner or no-poo. The formulas are all shampoo free and they are used to not only cleanse the hair but to also balance and refresh the hair without taking away the hair’s natural oils and nutrients. In the right proportions, these natural oils of the hair will not only keep it shiny but also strong. Without the natural oils, most people will experience dryness and even possibly breakage, which no-one wants. Check Guthy-Renker for the list of Wen products.

Cleansing conditioners are not only gentle on hair but they also are detergent-free. They are all-in-one formulas so there is only one bottle needed to clean, hydrate and keep the hair conditioned in one easy step. They generally don’t lather the hair because they contain no sulfates but they will leave the hair soft and completely frizz free and won’t dry the hair out. They can also be used daily without worrying about stripping the hair completely of it’s natural oils and nutrients.

Cleansing conditioners should all be free from sulfates and soaps that are harsh as well as preservatives. They should also be free from different silicones, which will tend to sit on the hair and cause many different build-ups, causing it to be heavy. Cleansing conditioners are meant to be better for hair as well as completely natural, helping leave it shiny and bouncy like the natural oils intend!

Watch Youtube to see the reviews of WEN users.

Benefits of Marriage Therapy Services Offered by Patty Rocklage in Boston

With marriages falling right, left and center, everyone is a bit skeptical about venturing into this institution. There could be a million and one reasons explaining why so many couples are silently suffering in their unions. That is after, they were previously head-over-heels in love with each other just the other day. The best way people have to save their marriage and keeping the flash glowing brightly even after two or three decades down the line is to seek professional help and more information click here.

Demystifying Myths

Most of us have a bad tendency of assuming that a therapist is a waste of both our time and solution. The answer is that you occasionally need help exploring and traversing the beautiful journey that defines marriages. Sure and true, there’s going to be a heck many pitfalls along the way but you don’t have to worry about how to overcome this since you’ll have a verified marriage counselor and relationship therapist in Massachusetts.

For starters, she holds a Ph.D. in Psychiatry and she prides of a lifetime of experience having served in this particular industry for twenty plus years. Additionally, the woman has a current license to practice in the state of Massachusetts. One of the most reassuring attributes in a potential medical therapist you end up selecting is their communication skills. Mrs. Rocklage has been awarded a five-star rating and ranking for her ability to bring her patients to a state of comfort and confidence. She has a loving face and she’s affiliated with top professional peer-to-peer review associations, for instance, Patty Rocklage has been verified by the Psychology Today.

Quality, Affordable and Dependable

Her quality services come with the most astonishingly consumer friendly prices and rates. To get in touch with her and get started on how you’ll schedule your first consultation and so much more, just go online and you’re sure to find her cell contacts and office location details. The relationship specialist is a proud alumnus of the University of South Carolina and she graduated with a Psychology major in 1981. Today, she lives with the husband, the respected research scientist, Scott Rocklage. The couple is very keen on making donations to courses they find dear and interesting. Recently, the Rocklage’s gave out a sizeable donation to the prestigious, MIT to help build better and advanced infrastructure. Scott went to the university here and learn more about Patty.

Fitting In

People say the economy is slowly getting better. They say it has been the slowest recovery from a recession ever. No one knows this better than the people who live on the fringe. They travel by Greyhound to go see family, to go to another town to find work, or just because they have no place to settle down in. These are the people without the education, connections or mental stability needed in order to live what the rest of us consider to be a “normal” life.

Normal to the travellers of this this country consist of living hand to mouth and day by day. Getting by while eeking out a living however they can. Looking at the photographs on The Greyhound Diaries by Doug Levitt, you see this. You see it in their faces and the demeanour that the photographs capture. What you don’t see though is a sense of urgency. Stress. Unhappiness. You may see a certain resignation, an unwilling acceptance to their lot in life, but you don’t really see people who are unhappy. They know they don’t fit in with what the rest of us consider to be a well-meaning and productive life, and most of them seem to be okay with that.

Most of them seem to have been born into a life without much education, prospects for employment because of it, or the will needed to make their lives better. Their lives are good enough for seemingly being destined to live this transient way of life. They have friends here. They have other people who may have their own stories, but they share the commonality that is seen between people who live below the poverty line. They fit in with each other, and they do it peacefully without much of an “Us versus Them” mentality.Follow him on twitter: Click here.

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is Committed to Bringing Quality Higher Education to Malaysia

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is not just an excellent academician but also a man with a great passion for education. The QI Group’s executive chair has been actively involved in higher education over the last decade. He spearheaded the establishment of Quest International University Perak (QIUP) in 2008, and he has been serving as the chairman of the university council since then.

In 2014, Vijay led QI Group and QIUP to launch a groundbreaking university’s campus premise in Gua Tempurung. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

The campus came at a time when the population at QIUP had increased ten folds from 98 students in 2008 to 1000 students in 2014. If everything goes as planned, the campus will sit on 180 ha piece of land, and its doors will open in 2018.

Targeting Foreign Students

Commenting about the campus and the future developments expected at QIUP, Vijay Eswaran revealed that the institution was in the process of opening branches in Sarawak and Sabah. Besides that, he noted that the university was working towards increasing its enrolment of international students.

For that reason, plans were underway for QIUP to establish an Asean Economic Community, a move that will make the university more appealing to international students.

As an alumnus of the prestigious Southern Illinois University, Vijay is a firm believer of quality and holistic education approach as opposed to the grade-oriented school system. He pointed out that his vision was to have QIUP’s academic legacy as good as that of his alma mater.

QUIP’s Programs

About the facility in the campus, Vijay said that solar panels would be used as an improvisation to electricity since the campus will be off the grid.

He said that besides offering undergraduate and post graduate courses, QIUP would train its students in traditional Chinese medicine from the east as well as the nutrition green technology from the west. Read more: In the Sphere of Silence (English and Dutch Edition)

As a way of producing quality graduates, Vijay said that the university would heavily invest in student research.

After graduation, students will be offered chances to sharpen their skills at QI Group in both its local and overseas offices where some of them will be retained for permanent employment.