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Nathaniel Ru Integrates Technology to Improve The Success of Sweetgreen

Like great entrepreneurs, Nathaniel Ru and the business accomplices that he helped to establish the organization Sweetgreen began with a major thought. Nathaniel Ru and his two companions were understudies at Georgetown in Washington DC who got together and conceptualized a diversion changing business thought in their apartment.

What sets Ru and his business accomplices separated from Jobs, Gates and Zuckerberg however is that their enormous thought did not really concern turning into the greatest name in innovation. In 2007 these youthful business visionaries set out to overcome a very surprising part of the business world: sustenance.

Ru and his accomplices propelled the eatery network Sweetgreen with a specific end goal to fill what they saw as a shortage of effectively available sound sustenance in the DC range. Their eatery has won many fans by offering eatery goers reasonable, new, privately sourced sustenance.

The organization has figured out how to open 40 unique areas around the nation subsequent to propelling in the Washington DC territory. The menu gloats healthy and top notch menu choices like a warm serving of mixed greens called the collect bowl which is included goat cheddar, apples, toasted almonds, sweet potatoes and cooked chicken.

In spite of the fact that Nathaniel Ru and his accomplices are not tech world intellectuals they are restaurateurs who have made sense of how to manufacture a consistent marriage amongst innovation and great sustenance. While numerous eateries have needed to change in accordance with the approach of innovation by fusing computerized menu choices into their site, Sweetgreen began monitoring how vital innovation and the advanced world is to building an association with contemporary cafes in the 21st century. Read more: Sweetgreen | Wikipedia and Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

The organization has concentrated on building a site and an application that enables clients to put in their requests without coming to a Sweetgreen area face to face. Evidently the Sweetgreen application and site is such a win, to the point that as indicated by business distribution Fortune magazine 33% of Sweetgreen’s deals are made through both of these mediums

The organization has additionally endeavored to develop the eatery business by tossing out conventional ways to deal with administration. For some eateries the connection amongst corporate and nearby chains can be a far off one. Not so for Sweetgreen. The organization prides itself on separating the obstructions that regularly stay with a’s most senior initiative expelled from what is going on the ground level at their organization.

They do this by requiring some investment off from their work at the corporate office five times every year to work in their eateries. This keeps them mindful of what is going on with their organization and improves them prepared to settle on the privilege key choices for Sweetgreen’s future.

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Fitting In

People say the economy is slowly getting better. They say it has been the slowest recovery from a recession ever. No one knows this better than the people who live on the fringe. They travel by Greyhound to go see family, to go to another town to find work, or just because they have no place to settle down in. These are the people without the education, connections or mental stability needed in order to live what the rest of us consider to be a “normal” life.

Normal to the travellers of this this country consist of living hand to mouth and day by day. Getting by while eeking out a living however they can. Looking at the photographs on The Greyhound Diaries by Doug Levitt, you see this. You see it in their faces and the demeanour that the photographs capture. What you don’t see though is a sense of urgency. Stress. Unhappiness. You may see a certain resignation, an unwilling acceptance to their lot in life, but you don’t really see people who are unhappy. They know they don’t fit in with what the rest of us consider to be a well-meaning and productive life, and most of them seem to be okay with that.

Most of them seem to have been born into a life without much education, prospects for employment because of it, or the will needed to make their lives better. Their lives are good enough for seemingly being destined to live this transient way of life. They have friends here. They have other people who may have their own stories, but they share the commonality that is seen between people who live below the poverty line. They fit in with each other, and they do it peacefully without much of an “Us versus Them” mentality.Follow him on twitter: Click here.

Thor Halvorssen’s Take on Democratic Socialism

America is experiencing a very heated moment and the voters need as much information as possible to enable them endorse the right candidates. Television networks have played a big role in informing the masses. Fox cable news recently hosted Thor Halvorssen who is a renowned human rights activist and an academician. Guest speakers help shed light into some of the aspirants believes and motivations. Thor Halvorssen was cast on Fox Business Network Show where he talked about democratic socialism and its impact on American politics. He gave his take on presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and his policies.


According to Thor Halvorssen, US is more than ready to receive democratic socialism. He explained to Trish Regan who hosted the program that although it is socialism, the government is not all powerful. The people share power with the government providing checks and balances where necessary. The advantage of this system is utilitarian rule is avoided and the people who vested power to the government are not subjected to dictatorship.


According to him there is no big difference between democracy and socialism. The problem with socialism is that it was linked to the Soviet Union which was marred by corruption and poor human rights record. Companies operating in the US would have to adapt to a more people friendly approach in order to maintain their operational licenses. The crux for this will be more sustainable development and better consumer protection.


Thor Halvorssen has experienced the consequences of bad governance first hand. His mother was fatally shot just because she could not drop a case against a connected drug dealer. He is from Venezuela which is a socialist country yet the government exercises utilitarian control. He opined that democratic socialism will give people a stake in every sector of the economy. He stated that every country exercises some form of socialism. Democratic socialism can be likened to public utilities which are shared by the masses and property has been re distributed.

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