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Success Academy: Redefining the Education System

While most school system are in constant pursuit of success, Success Academy already embraces success and excellence as its biggest virtue. Founded in 2006 by Eva Moskowitz who is the current Chief Executive Officer at the institution, Success Academy has arisen to the occasion to become the largest and best performing free public school in the entire New York City area. Currently the school has its presence in 41 schools across Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and Queens area with an approximate 14,000 student population.


Success Academy is fully authorized to conduct by the State University of New York’s Charter School Institute. The institution runs from elementary school through high school. Admission to the institution is done through a random lottery process done April of every year. The process is random selection as the school accommodates the needs of poor and marginalized pupils therefore using the application process may prove biased due to the limited space to accommodate every student.


Despite handling poor graders and the marginalized groups of student in the society, Success Academy has been able to defy all odds and produce high grades and quality students defeating other schools in the district. While to Success Academy critics this may seem hard to achieve, to them it has been flawless and it doesn’t break them a sweat.


How so? Right from the scholar’s entry level at the school, teachers are committed to their success. Success Academy education allows the teachers to concentrate on a scholar’s academic welfare and see them transition smoothly to the next stage of education. Additionally the academy has invested its resources on teachers and caregivers to help those students with special needs also acquire quality. At the academy, the teacher student ration is quite recommendable.


The other quality aspect when it comes to the education system of the school is its curriculum. Success Academy’s curriculum is tailored to help scholars acquire critical thinking skills and knowledge. These two skills are quite essential to the self-development of the scholar in later years. The institutions also involves the parents of their students and in heavily invests in core learning with a lesson going up to 80 minutes. With these strategies, Success Academy scholars are better equipped for the world.