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Could Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Really Make Amazon Nervous?

In order to give Amazon any reason to pause, you need to be making millions of dollars in a market they dominate. In the women’s clothing industry, Amazon is currently making 20 percent of all the revenue in that space. Even though the fashion e-commerce market is very competitive and crowded, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is starting to make a real name for themselves. In just over 36 months, this women’s active-wear company has sold in excess of $250 million in sales in a market where Amazon is dominating.


When we talk about success to Hudson, her response is somewhat surprising, considering the amount of volume her company has done in this short amount of time. She credits membership benefits and reverse showrooming for her athleisure brand being able to now compete globally with Amazon. Looking more closely at what is driving these sales, we have to begin where most women can be found shopping, the local malls. The Fabletics store at the mall is packed with women of all ages who are doing things that don’t seem ordinary by any stretch of the imagination. These customers are wandering inside the store and just window-shopping, taking lifestyle quizzes, and even trying on just about every piece of workout apparel in the stores.


Here is how Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has taken charge in a very competitive fashion e-commerce market. Everything hinges on the website at Fabletics, and it might surprise you more clothing companies have not come up with this sales process. Each item you tried on successfully at the local mall was instantly uploaded to your Fabletics online account. As a member, all you do is log into your account and you see everything in your cart, so you can basically just continue to shop as if you were never interrupted. Without being concerned about sizes, these women are putting all the latest in yoga pants and tank tops into the cart and buying more on impulse than they even considered.


Membership perks in your Kate Hudson’s Fabletics account are plentiful, from free shipping on all future orders, discounts on workout clothing, and even the assistance of your own personal shopper. This is what pampering is really about, and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics are responding in a positive way by helping the company to meet and then exceed their sales expectation from one year to the next with no signs of slowing.

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Susan McGalla Promotes Fashion

Susan McGalla has become the Strategic Planning Director for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and she is getting the fans to take interest in this team again with the fashion campaign. Many people are impressed with what she has done because she is among the best when it comes to marketing clothing. Susan McGalla was once the CEO of 2 different clothing companies, and this experience gives her the ability to help with the building of a better fashion line for the Steelers.

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McGalla has made some great fashion decisions over the years as the president of American Eagle. She has also made some good decisions during her time with Wet Seal. This has allowed her to build a career where is able to pass down advice and helpful knowledge on building an athletic fashion line for people that love the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What Susan McGalla represents is a woman that knows sports and fashion. This is a rare combination in the sports industry. There are lots of people that may know the clothing side of the industry, but they do not have what it takes to channel the vibe of fans of a team. Pittsburgh is home to Susan McGalla. Her father was a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. She learned about football from him, and that is now she is able to connect with the fans of her native hometown. The fact that she managed to build a career in the CEO position for American Eagle is a plus for the position that she currently holds.

The clothing campaign has become the thing that has allowed her to build a career in city that she calls home. The best thing about this is that she is doing this with an organization that is dedicated to a sport that she loves. It is a win-win for McGalla. It is also a winning situation for fans that want the opportunity to see a stronger line of fan gear when the football season starts. See: