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The Oslo Freedom Forum Adds to The Success of Thor Halvorssen

Human rights are an issue the majority of people around the world are concerned about, but rarely hear of unless a major report is released and reported via mainstream news channels. Activist Thor Halvorssen has been looking for new ways of bringing news of human rights issues to the public’s attention after becoming frustrated with the major human rights groups dedicating many of their resources to investigating issues in democratic countries. In looking to highlight major human rights violations Thor Halvorssen now brings together activists, journalists, and eye witnesses to atrocities from around the world at his Oslo Freedom Forum.

The new approach Thor Halvorssen has developed to activism through his own Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum have seen him bring together people from all walks of life at speaking engagements and gatherings that form at this annual event. The approach taken by the Hollywood film producer may not be traditional, but it does seem to be effective as the event has grown significantly since its inception in 2009. Over the course of each event Thor looks to educate attendees with a series of informative talks and discussions about the issues, problems, and successes that activists from around the world feel are important; however, the Venezuelan born activists also looks to develop partnerships between those attending events who feel they can work together to inform the world and achieve great things in the human rights arena.

One aspect of the work Thor Halvorssen and his colleagues at the Human Rights Foundation and Oslo Freedom Forum have achieved the film producer is rightly proud of is breaking the long standing tradition of left wing governments escaping criticism of human rights violations. Thor Halvorssen has been critical of both left and right wing governments across the world and has made sure those of Cuba and Venezuela are known for the human rights violations they have committed over the course of recent years.