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SoftBank Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group is a Game Changer

Acquisitions in the business world really make sense but the involved parties have to know their goals and abide by them. business acquisition is not an easy process and you have to know the strengths and weakness of the acquiring company. business acquisition is not a new business undertaking in today’s business sector. Acquisition strategies have graced the business world for many decades and many companies have mastered this art. The recent SoftBank’s acquisition of Fortress Investment Group has caught many investors as a surprise.

The acquisition by SoftBank was approved by Fortress stakeholders in 2017. However, a lot of talking has been going on concerning the deal. Many investors have been wondering, why should a company like SoftBank that deals with internet and technology services and products want to acquire Fortress. Fortress Investment Group was established by Wes Edens and Randy Nardone and it has been focusing on real estate, private equity, and hedge funds investments.

This business acquisition move is imperative in the sense that both companies have profound histories and have at all times been looking for other markets to indulge in. More so, both companies have shown interest in rebranding and restructuring themselves. The $3.3 billion acquisition is not a new adventure for SoftBank. The company owns stakes in more than 400 firms and it has established itself as one of the best technology, e-commerce, broadband and communication services provider.

With the recent acquisition of Fortress, it is a clear indication that SoftBank wants to rule and dominate the global investment sector. It is a message well sent to its competitors that it is ready to take over the market and become one of the largest investment conglomerates in the world. SoftBank has over the years been looking for a company to acquire and this deal has cleared the doubts of many naysayers. Acquiring Fortress Investment Group is not a deal to regret as Fortress has been managing more than $40 billion in assets on its own.

By investing more than $3.3 billion to acquire Fortress, SoftBank owns all the shares owned by the company. The key benefit of investing such money in Fortress is that SoftBank will achieve the structure and muscle it has been yearning for to become a world-class company. For fortress investment group, it is a great deal that will allow it to still manage its $40 billion assets without any worries. For SoftBank, it will be able to undertake its long-term goals and meet its visions without any regrets or regulatory obstacles affecting is investments.

Peter Briger: A Natural Leader In Banking And Financial Investments

When entering a career of business and financial investments, it’s imperative that a company provides the necessary education relative to a client’s financial portfolio. With that in mind, Fortress Investment Group, established in 1998, provides all the business essentials any client would ever need. Within the organization, Fortress has Principals over each office. In San Francisco, Peter Briger, Principal, takes the leadership role to show clients how to be rational, organized, and confident with business decisions.

In spite of competition, Fortress Investment Group specializes in business management, corporate merging, counseling for resourceful investments, and capital markets. Globally, Fortress has been the biggest management firm for quite a while. In fact, Peter Briger helps to direct billions of assets for close to 2,000 clients.

With Peter Briger, Fortress Investment Group has grown rapidly since 2002. With a business and financial history dating back to the early 80s, Peter Briger learned the way to keep investments from being hazardous to clients who merely control some aspects of the world’s banking systems. Currently, Briger works on credit and real estate for Fortress.

When speaking on behalf of Fortress Investment Group, Peter teaches subjects pertaining to long-term cash flow. As a result, clients become familiar with ways to save money while managing money as well. Lately, with all the hard work, Forbes recognized Briger for being one of the top 1000 richest men in the world.

When paying forward, Peter helps Princeton in entrepreneurship by offering advice on the agenda for starting a new company. Even on Wall Street, Peter chooses to give advice to new investors in areas such as real estate, technology, and Bitcoin. In most cases, Wall Street ends up investing in Bitcoin because of Asians not trusting bank accounts. Basically, there is a lot of business that comes from Southeast Asia involving Wall Street. For that reason, Peter Briger advises Wall Street to invest in the alternative banking solution. In conclusion, Briger is a primary example of a leader in business and in financial savings. While embarking on new business territories, Fortress continues to grow by capitalizing on the best investment markets in the field of business.


A Look At Igor Cornelsen’s Investment Career

Igor Cornelsen is renowned Brazilian investment expert and investor. The investment banker has established a name for himself from his numerous successful stock market investments. Presently, Cornelsen works for Bainbridge Investments Inc. The investor joined the company in the spring of 2011 on Tripod. In the last six years, he has dedicated himself to helping the enterprise discover creative ways in which the public can start investing in the stock market.

Despite working for a company located in the Bahamas, Igor Cornelsen spends most of his time outside the country. He prefers working from South Florida, where he resides, or from his country of origin, Brazil. The need to monitor his investments in Brazil has seen him spend almost 50 percent of his time in the country. He prefers flying between Florida and Brazil as it is fast. Despite his busy schedule, the investor plays golf. Moreover, he follows the sport online on LinkedIn.

Many investors have always tried to find the secret behind Igor’s success in investments. The investor simply puts it as “Brazil Market’. Brazil’s economy is growing fast due to the economic reforms taking place in the country in addition to its large population. Brazil has the fifth largest economy in the globe. The fast-growing economy has translated into a better business environment, which has attracted many companies to the country.

The investor’s knowledge of the stock market is unrivaled. Industry experts believe that very few individuals can master his expertise in the field. This has made him one of the leading investors to watch. Many people around the world keenly follow the investor’s investment tips according to Lulu.

Igor is not selfish with his knowledge about stock markets. He attends many interviews and publishes articles at that share his thoughts and insight about investing. By virtue of reading his investment tips, many investors have been able to enhance their portfolios. Through diversification of assets, investors have managed to reduce their risks and improve their returns.

Before joining Bainbridge Investment Inc., Igor Cornelsen worked in the banking industry. According to his social media pages, he has worked for different banks in Brazil as a senior investment expert. He retired from the industry in 2010. Presently, Igor focuses on investment as a hobby.