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What Services Does Cotemar Offer to the Gas and Oil Industry?

Cotemar is Mexican company that prides in providing services to the energy sector. The company has been serving the oil and gas industry for about 37 years and especially one of their key customers, Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) who eventually certified and validated them. Over the years the company has persistently evolved to increase and improve their services across the value chain in the energy sector. They incorporate integration of process equipment and efficient indicators and employ highly skilled employees to ensure they achieve outstanding performance. Cotemar has three full services they offer as described below:

  • Catering and Accommodation

Cotemar operates vessels and rigs which incorporate accommodation and catering services. Among the services available in this category include laundry, food, and drinks, cleaning in some areas as well as bedding. Each cabin in the vessels is entitled to receive these services. Each accommodation vessel has cabins with a capacity of four or two people and a recreation area for activities such as basketball court, TV rooms, and fitness center among others. Cotemar has a hotel for the purpose of supporting the offshore operations, Ciudad del Carmen. The vessels and rigs hold a capacity of over 4,000 individuals offering them catering and accommodation services.

  • Specialized and Maritime Support Vessels

The specialized vessels that the company operates have dynamic positioning system which assists in the provision of offshore maintenance. The operations of the vessels get controlled by computers that are linked through the satellite so as to ensure that they do not move around. The specialized vessels at Cotemar are used for the transportation of personnel and lightweight materials from offshore to Ciudad del Carmen and back in the Campeche Bay. A different refrigerated vessel is used for transportation of food, drinks and other items that need refrigeration. Most specialized vessels are for transportation of structures required for upstream, oils and other liquids extracted from the fields and abrasive bulk materials. Others are firefighting vessels for putting off fires and oils spills FIFI II.

  • Construction, Modernization, Maintenance and Engineering

These services are delivered through the use of dynamic positioning semi-submersible rig which can move around. The rigs are characterized with high load capacity derrick cranes and working decks for construction purposes. A mobile connection helps in the control of the operations by capturing information in the field using art technology system. Cotemar ensures they work within the time and money budget, ensure safety, uphold quality and take care of the environment as they win customer’s trust.