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Helping Animal Shelters Address Their Biggest Issues

Many attorneys who work in New York State have found ways that they can reach out to individuals in the communities where they work and live. They have found ways that they can help ethnic minorities, children, women, as well as support a wide variety of causes. Many attorneys in New York have even done work that helps animals. Ross Abelow has spearheaded a campaign that will benefit animal shelters in New York City. This is an important cause, especially because winter temperatures are so low and this presents significant danger to homeless animals.

Individuals can support Ross Abelow by donating to the cause. They can find his Go Fund Me page online and learn more about the work he is doing. Once $5,000 has been raised, the money will be given to shelters in the New York City area. This money is going to help individuals who work in shelters to address problems they are experiencing.

Shelters in New York City and in other big cities around the United States are experiencing some serious problems. First, they at times have to turn homeless animals away because the amount of space that is available is very limited. Second, they just do not have proper funding. They do not have money to pay veterinarians when animals are sick. They do not have money to purchase blankets or to pay the electric bill in order to keep homeless animals warm during the winter months.

Many individuals in the New York City area are familiar with the work that Abelow does. He is an experienced attorney. He maintains a personal blog site that addresses a wide variety of legal issues, particularly issues that affect the family. Many individuals follow his Facebook and Mashable accounts where he posts useful legal information.

Ross Abelow has been working as an attorney in New York City since 1990. After graduating from the Brooklyn Law school and obtaining his license, he began working hard to defend the rights of clients who are facing different types of legal issues. Besides being an expert in matrimonial and family law, Ross Abelow will sometimes take cases that involve civil litigation or entertainment law. Also, he will write blogs that have to do with these matters as well.