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Statement Regarding the Water Quality at Upper Mountain

The quality of water at Upper Mountain has been in question after some bacteria were detected in it. Squaw Valley issued a statement in response to these findings. E. coli and coliform bacteria are some of the impurities that were detected in the water. Health experts have worked to get rid of the bacteria in that water.


Consistent treatment of the water has been done, and there is now an improvement on its condition. The E. coli bacterium has been removed from the water entirely while the level of the coliform on three of the wells has decreased significantly.

There is no health issue reported from the restaurants at Upper Mountain. Guests are not allowed to drink the water until the issue is fully resolved.


The water systems in Placer County were affected by the heavy rain storms that were experienced in October. Water at Squaw Valley was contaminated due to an increase in the water levels at High Camp and Gold Coast. The issue of contamination was only experienced in this systems and no other water system around Squaw Valley was contaminated.

The contaminated water was never distributed to the public because the issue was discovered early. The Placer Environmental Health responded fast after being contacted, and they began the purification process. Also, Squaw Valley consulted other water safety experts who have continued to work together with Squaw Valley to ensuring the water systems are back to their normal functioning.


Until health officials ensure that the water is safe for the public to use, Squaw Valley will not get back to its usual water usage. Since the safety of consumers comes first, Squaw Valley has taken this issue very seriously. While the issue is being resolved, guests at High Camp and Gold Coast have access to clean and safe for consumption bottled water.


Until experts ensure Squaw Valley that the water is safe, guests have been asked to wait for an update on this issue from the management. Squaw Valley is very grateful to Squaw Valley Public Service District and the Placer County for their continued support in resolving this issue.


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