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Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Education Fund Raise R10 million

The Ubuntu Education Fund recently announced that it had managed to raise more than £603,000 at a special gala that was held in London. Andrew Rolfe, the chairman of the institution, is believed to have played a crucial role in the fundraising activities. The money that was raised during the overnight gala will be used to help the disadvantaged kids who are living in Africa. The R10 million raised will specifically be used to expand the student capacity at the famous Port Elizabeth Campus.

The Ubuntu Fund was established several years ago, and it mostly uses its manpower and its resources to help more than four hundred thousand people from needy families in Africa. At the moment, the Port Elizabeth Campus in South Africa has a special program for the children who are disadvantaged. The fund makes sure that these children get the educational and healthcare facilities they need to make it in life. The support given to the children continues until they are already in good careers.

In 1999, the founders of the fund realized that there were many children in Africa who could not afford education. This is why they chose to focus the educational funds to the children. However, they realized that the children in the continent were facing bigger problems such as HIV, hunger and other basic wants. These problems were hindering the young people from acquiring the education they needed. The Ubuntu Fund decided to now focus on nutrition, health, home stability and other activities that could make education better.

The London overnight gala was attended by some of the prominent and famous philanthropists and socialites in the city. The chairman of the fund, Andrew Rolfe said that he was happy that everyone had managed to attend. On behalf of the institution, Andrew Rolfe welcomed the guests and allowed several individuals to make speeches. As the chairman of the fund, Andrew Rolfe has done so much to make sure that everything remains in place. The businessman has a lot of expertize, and he has the connections needed to raise funds for the disadvantaged children. As the leader of the institution, Rolfe wants to make sure that the money raised will make an impact on the lives of the society.