Fagali Airport

On July 1, 2009 The Fagali’i Airport was reopened after being closed since January 2005 due to governmental and villager concerns of the noise and overall safety. Surprisingly enough many locals of Fagali’i were excited to see the reopening of this airport as the other nearest airport Faleolo International is more than a 50 minute drive from from the village. Upon reopening of the Airport there was an opening ceremony which was attended by Samoa government and Polynesian officials.

The Fagali’i Airport is located at coordinates 13°50′54″S 171°44′30″W which is on Fagali, a village in Upolu, Samoa. Fagali’i village has a population of only 1,571 residents, which is approximately 5 kilometres south-east of Apia; meanwhile Apia has a population of 36,735 residents. This airport is also right beside the lush green Royal Samoa Golf Course. See more of Fagali Airport at cheapflights.com.

Being located under five miles from the capital city of Apia, Fagali Airport is considered an exclusionary airport tucked away in the Fagali’i village which is surrounded by rich rainforest terrain. The Fagali Airport runway is 670 meters (2,198 feet)long and interestingly enough at one point this private airport was a grass-only airstrip which was later remodeled with an asphalt surface.

Fagali Airport is own and operated by Polynesian Airline and includes international flights to Pago Pago, American Samoa. The airport does daytime routes at this time and there are direct flights to the island from select U.S. cities, including Honolulu. Fagali’i Airport is seen as a small airport hub with three DHC-6 Twin Otter airplanes ready to service the island needs. This airport has select amenities available which include arranging for rental cars, shuttles to your hotel or resort, and hiring a car and driver. Visitors are able to travel to the areas resorts and hotels from the Fagali’i Airport in less than 20 minutes with available ground transportation.

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