Jose Borghi’s Passion for Advertising

Brazilian advertising reflects the vibrant environment that the country is widely hailed for, and with the ad agency Mullen Lowe Brasil they use colorful and multi-layered stories to connect people and brands. The President of Mullen Lowe, Jose Borghi is not only a native of Brazil, but he is also innately creative. His storytelling skills and broad appeal, from his early perspective as a fresh out of college copywriter or as the President of an agency, has always been able to shine a light on just what companies and people are searching for.

He has a keen ability to communicate the messages that brands want people to take away from each campaign. This ability has led to a twenty-five year long career in advertising that is decorated with awards and feats in the industry. What’s even more impressive is the fact that Borghi was able to accomplish a tremendous amount of his success early on as a copywriter, creative director, and even as an entrepreneur when he first started out on his own and read full article.

Various festivals all over the world have awarded Borghi numerous times for the brilliant work and inventiveness of his ad campaigns. There is no denying that Borghi is passionate about his work in advertising. His passion is what has brought him much further than if he were simply relying on his education or talent, and that same passion is what you sense in every decision that he has made throughout his career. Jose Borghi has only become more committed and more involved in the advertising field.

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