Lime Crime Cosmetics – Bold and Daring Like their Founder Doe Deere

Most fashion brands owe their identity to their founders. Rapidly growing cosmetic company Lime Crime Cosmetics is no exception to this rule. Every product launched by the company has to go through the personal approval of Doe Deere. Her “ultra-feminine” personality, as she like to call it herself is mirrored in all her products.

The name Lime Crime also has an interesting story behind it. Lime is the favorite color of Doe Deere. She is a big fan of vibrant colors and all her products have bold colors be it nail paints, lipsticks or eye shadows. The colors of her cosmetics are so vivid that anyone wearing them would be committing a crime by doing so. Hence the name Lime Crime.

Before any product is sent for production and eventually to the market, Doe tries it on herself. She wants to feel if the products is along the lines of the philosophy of Lime Crime.

Doe started her career doing a plethora of administrative jobs and she only Launched he own brand after trying out selling her products on eBay. According to Doe, the time she spent doing these other jobs should also have been devoted to Lime Crime. Starting late is her only regret and she absolutely loves what she does now.

Since she started selling her products on eBay, online retail is no stranger to Doe. Lime Crime took to online retail like the proverbial fish to water. They pioneered how lipstick shades are shown on e-commerce website. Lime Crime was the first website where lipstick shades was shown on pictures of them being worn on real lips. Doe always thought of online retail as an opportunity to increase ones’ reach when most of the cosmetics brands were unsure of whether women will but something so deeply indulgent online.

She attributes her success to her understating of potential customers, her optimism, her leadership style which is more collaborative than authoritative, her team, her channel partner and her husband who has been her partner for 16 years and has the biggest influence on her as a person.

Doe is an animal lover. She has 3 pets and she regularly donates to an animal rescue organization based out of the area she grew up in. She has also taken two cats from them and is raising them as her pets. Needless to say that her cosmetics are animal friendly. Apart from this, she also tries to devote as much time as possible to help aspiring women entrepreneurs.

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  • Ariya Melvin

    May 12, 2017

    In the end Doe’s hunch turned out to be true. In fact, she is a big proponent of business hunch. If she has to do a deal, it must be approved by her gut feeling. It is definitely important that can get everything within their limit which is bad to some extent too.


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