Matthew Fleeger Is the CEO of Gulf Coast Western

One of the most prominent oil and gas exploration companies in the United States is called Gulf Coast Western. The person who runs that company is Matthew Fleeger. As you might expect, the company is based in Dallas. However, they also do business in a variety of other states. They have many investors around the world who share in the profits whenever the company makes an oil or gas discovery. Fleeger has helped to lead the company to become one of the most profitable companies of its kind. He has a business administration degree from Southern Methodist University. He has since gained fame as an entrepreneur.

Gulf Coast Western came into existence in 1970. However, the company did not make its biggest profits until Fleeger took over. He has shown the ability to lead large companies in many different industries. For example, his first major success was creating a company that gets rid of the harmful medical waste from hospitals and clinics. This company made huge profits and made Fleeger a very wealthy man. He decided to sell the company after 13 years at the helm because he wanted to try his hand an something else.

The next type of business that Fleeger got involved in was a chain of tanning salons. He knew that millions of people want to have a nice looking tan in the winter months when the sun is not out. Therefore, he thought it would be a very wise industry to get involved with. He wound up starting two tanning companies. Both of them were equally successful. It was this success that led the people in charge of Gulf Coast Western to hire Fleeger as their President and CEO. He had never worked in the oil business before. However, it did not take him long to get acclimated.

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