Who is Marc Sparks and what is his newest project titled “Spark Tank”?

Marc Sparks is someone who, since leaving high school in 1975, has been entirely enamored and preoccupied with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, and a successfully eclectic one at that. He has been involved in dozens of start-ups, the performance of which ranged from wildly successful to abysmally poor.

His thought process, along with his life story, following his ups, downs, and lessons learned, can be read in his book They Can’t Eat You. It is an important read for anyone who wishes to learn more about a man who has truly seen it all, traveling from the lowest of low points to the highest of highs.

His newest project, labelled Spark Tank (http://sparktankdfw.com/), continues on his path of humanitarianism and giving back to communities that have given him so much in the past. The conception of the project is derived from when Marc and his partner, Lynne Sipiora transformed a homeless shelter on the verge of collapse into a prosperous and resourceful outlet for the community.

They transformed it from nearly dirt to a building that supports and sustains over 200 people everyday who otherwise would be without any of the amenities they can now enjoy. Following, Marc Sparks and Lynne wanted to continue with the humanitarianism, and decided that the best way to do so would be to fund and operate new social services that exhibit a spirit of entrepreneurship. Read more: Marc Sparks – Dallas, Texas, United States, Timber Creek Capital

Essentially, the question “What could you do with $5,000 that would impact lives?” is asked, and the best and brightest responses are followed through on.

The process of the project is fairly simple. Interested applicants must apply, and from that pool, three of the most promising prospects are chosen.

Each of those three organizations are given a maximum of ten minutes to present their ideas for aiding a community, with a final winner being chosen, funded, and enacted. Learn more about Marc Sparks: https://disqus.com/by/marcsparks/ and http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/9661324.Marc_Sparks

However, it takes a special group to be considered. The organization must be a necessity in the area and there must be an adequate measure for the success of the group.

Igor Cornelsen Offers Advice on Investing in Brazil, a Land of Promise

Brazil has been in the news a lot lately because of historic events taking place, including the impeachment of President Rousseff and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. This Latin American nation that had jumped all the way to being the 6th largest world economy by 2011, now faces difficult times. The GDP seems to have stagnated. Source: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/igorcornelsen

Nevertheless, there is cause for healthy optimism. The largest land mass in South America retains promise. An abundance of natural resources, large potential domestic consumer base and impressive food production industry, portend well for the near future. Yet, caution is always best.

Anyone interested in investing in this market needs to take the advice of Igor Cornelsen. This top Brazilian banker and investment expert has spent years researching the economy and has a unique perspective. Recently, on cnbc.com, Igor Cornelson published his top three tips for investing in the land of samba.

1. Make Personal and Business Contacts With Natives
It is very important for any investor who wants the latest economic news to have Brazilian friends. Waiting until the media announces a spike or drop in the economy is too late. Make Brazilian connections before investing money.

2. Accept the Large Amount of Red Tape
The government has always consisted of a large bureaucracy. Regulations will only get more complex as the nation tries to combat corruption. Be prepared to fill out mountains of paperwork for even the smallest investment project according to Igor Cornelsen.

3. Be Prepared for Foreign Currency Restrictions
Only certain financial institutions can handle foreign currency transactions. It is essential that 
any foreign investor develop a relationship with such an institution before proceeding.

Get Started Investing in Brazil
Armed with this insider knowledge, provided by banker Igor Cornelsen, almost anyone can make real money in Brazil.

Despite negative news, this could be the moment to get in at ground zero for a possible economic expansion in the South American giant.

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Twenty Three Layers: A Creative Event Planning Option

A popular event planning company called Twenty Three Layers was recently featured in an article. The article is a collection of photos from a party that was created by the event planning company. The photos show a farm themed first birthday party, perfect for either gender and bound to impress your guest with its color coordination and cute theme.

In all the pictures, the first thing you notice is the cute red checkered pattern and the child’s names involvement in the theme. “Teddy’s farm” has a dessert bar, buckets of apples for a centerpiece, rustic accents and titled dessert. Each guest has a gift box with their name on it on a stack of hay. With a barn/ farm themed cake and wagon and wood box decor, this theme really goes all out. Twenty Three Layers has perfectly executed the farm theme for this one year old boy, and it’s sure to be memorable to all of those who attend.

Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company based in New York City that offers full scale event planning. From flowers to food, music and venue, they take care of it all. They have their own teams designed for each portion of planning, and will cater to your every wish and need for this event.The company holds clients such as Jaguar and West Elm, and is no stranger to big corporations in need of their services. You can even visit their website, twentythreelayers.com and read testimonials or view the extensive gallery of examples of the events they have planned in the past. One things for sure, once reading the article, you will be sure to give them a call next time you need an event planned.

Thor Halvorssen’s Take on Democratic Socialism

America is experiencing a very heated moment and the voters need as much information as possible to enable them endorse the right candidates. Television networks have played a big role in informing the masses. Fox cable news recently hosted Thor Halvorssen who is a renowned human rights activist and an academician. Guest speakers help shed light into some of the aspirants believes and motivations. Thor Halvorssen was cast on Fox Business Network Show where he talked about democratic socialism and its impact on American politics. He gave his take on presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and his policies.


According to Thor Halvorssen, US is more than ready to receive democratic socialism. He explained to Trish Regan who hosted the program that although it is socialism, the government is not all powerful. The people share power with the government providing checks and balances where necessary. The advantage of this system is utilitarian rule is avoided and the people who vested power to the government are not subjected to dictatorship.


According to him there is no big difference between democracy and socialism. The problem with socialism is that it was linked to the Soviet Union which was marred by corruption and poor human rights record. Companies operating in the US would have to adapt to a more people friendly approach in order to maintain their operational licenses. The crux for this will be more sustainable development and better consumer protection.


Thor Halvorssen has experienced the consequences of bad governance first hand. His mother was fatally shot just because she could not drop a case against a connected drug dealer. He is from Venezuela which is a socialist country yet the government exercises utilitarian control. He opined that democratic socialism will give people a stake in every sector of the economy. He stated that every country exercises some form of socialism. Democratic socialism can be likened to public utilities which are shared by the masses and property has been re distributed.

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Brian Bonar: Talented, Versatile, Businessman And Entrepreneur

Brian Bonar is a very busy man. He has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University, has founded several companies, and used his talents and energy to help other companies for which he has worked find success (learn more here: Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography). During that time he has developed an impressive set of skills which have made him very much in demand.

Those skills include the development of innovative sales and marketing strategy, process improvement and lead generation. He’s also highly skilled in Mergers & Acquisitions, new business development, and finding venture capital.

Bonar became involved in the world of work while still studying at Stafford. During those years he worked for IBM as a procurement manager outsourcing motherboards for many of the personal computers produced and sold by IBM. After leaving IBM, Bonar next took a position as Director of Engineering for QMS. During his 4 years there he was able to successfully manage a team of about 100 engineers involved in software and hardware development.

In June 1989, Bonar left his position at QMS and became Vice President Sales and Marketing for the Rastek Corporation. At Rastek, where he remained for just over 4 years, his job was to help with the marketing and sales of printing technology to customers all over the world. After his stint with Rastek, Boner got more deeply involved in the printing industry. He took the position as sales manager for Adaptec. His job called for him to work closely with major Korean and Japanese companies that manufactured printers.

One year later, Brian Bonar decided to strike out on his own. In September 1994 he became founder and CEO of Bezier Systems. Drawing on his experience in the printing industry, Bonar’s company became the first to create and market an SCSI based printer.

A year after creating his company, Bonar again found himself working with printer manufacturers in Japan and Korea as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for itec imaging technologies. He held the post for more than 4 years. By 2008 Bonar was looking for a new challenge. He found it at Allegiant Professional Business Services where he was hired as president and helped improve their sales and marketing.

While working with first itec imaging technologies and then Allegiant, Brian Boner founded and helped manage AMS Outsourcing, a San Diego, California based company.

At Dalarada Bonar’s focus was on creating and improving management strategy and direct sales. In 2011 Bonar took on even more responsibility when he became Chairman and CEO of Trucept. Trucept provides insurance products and temporary staff for companies in San Diego.

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Dick Devos, Appoints Phil Dolci as the New CEO of the Stow Company

Dick Devos has appointed Phil Dolci as the new CEO of The Stow Company. Over the years, the company has emerged as a leading provider of custom home storage and organizational products. Dolci appointment was brought on earlier last month, and he will succeed Frank Newman, who is taking well-earned retirement, although he plans to serve on the Board of Advisors.

The Stow Company is part of Windquest Group, which includes dozens of other companies such as Neurocore, The Reserve, Boxed Water, and the downtown Grand Rapids Restaurant. Dick Devos serve as the president Windquest. The Stow Company was founded back in 1984 in Holland, and it features manufacturing facilities in Indianapolis, Mich, and Holland. Its product are designed to meets clients needs and are distributed through four channels that include Distinctive Wine Cellars, Easy Track Modular Storage, Easy Closets Do-it-yourself, and ORG Home Custom Solutions.

According to Dick Devos, Mr. Dolci is expected to bring knowledge and experience that will ensure continued growth and presence of the company in home organization market. Dick also expressed his graduated toward Frank and said that he has done an outstanding job over the last four years he held the position.

Know more about Dick DeVos on facebook.com.

Dolci can be described as an accomplished leader who has extensive experience that span over 23 years in consumer products manufacturing, services, and marketing. Dolci background information includes executive positions at various companies such as U.S Playing Cards, ConAgra Foods, Dean Foods, Kraft Foods, and a division of Newell Rubbermaid. Most recently, Dolci was serving as the CEO of Crosman Corporation, a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of shooting sports products.

Dick is not only known due to massive success in business ventures, but he is also an active philanthropist. Along with his wife Betsy, they founded Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation back in 1998. For the past decades, the foundation has been serving as the vehicle for their giving back to the community in response to financial blessing they have received and model taught to them by their parents.

He also founded West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is the nation first aviation charter public high school. In Response to why a charter school, Dick explained, he wanted to motivate and provide an opportunity to all people with interests in aviation. Moreover, he is an active Civic leader, and Dick spearheads local interest that includes Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan and Grand Action.


Martin Lustgarten Wants To Raise Cash For Florida Dog Shelters

The Florida Little Dog Rescue is a charity that Martin Lustgarten is raising money for on GoFundMe, and he is trying to help people find the shelter dogs that he knows saved his life. The page that he has created for the fundraising campaign has a sentimental picture, and it is great place for people to give money when they are most in need. Anyone can give money on the donation page at any time, and they will be able to build up the fund that Martin Lustgarten wants to send to the shelter.


The Florida Little Dog Rescue is trying to pull as many dogs out of shelters who are on death row. These dogs are going to be put down if no one adopts them, and the Little Dog Rescue wants to save those dogs. The money that Martin Lustgarten raises is going to go to the charity to help the staff save as many dogs as possible, and then they will give every dog a new life when the dog is adopted. It is very important for everyone who loves dogs to give to the campaign, and it will help dogs who cannot help themselves.


He does the same kind of work with his investment disciples. He wants to help people invest around the world, and he shows people that they will have a chance at making the most money while also doing some good in the world. This is why he is raising money for the little dogs of Florida.


Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker who has chosen to make his home in Florida, and he wants to make sure that he can help the shelter dogs that he loves. He cares about all these animals, and that is why he is going to leave this campaign open for as long as possible.

More sources for Martin Lustgarten are available here: https://martinlustgarten.tumblr.com/

Twitter: @mlustgarten2


The Queens of Drama Biggest Secret

When we left off with the season finale of Queens of Drama, it ended with the fate of the project, Secrets, Lies and Minivans, up in the air. The remaining Queens, Donna Mills, Lindsay Hartley, Chrystee Pharris and Crystal Hunt made the decision to push forward with production after Hunter Tylo’s unfortunate injury on set. Vanessa Marcil, who dropped out the project early on, calls Hartley and unknowingly reveals Mills’ plans about pitching the show alone at the upcoming meeting. The team is livid and crash the CW office right before Mills’ pitch and a huge argument ensues. Mills storms off, canceling the meeting so we have no idea if the project was even secured by the network.

So the biggest secret is when will the show return as it has yet to be renewed for another season. The last time the Queens were seen together in real life was on Instagram where Hunt (@Crystal_Hunt) posted a photo with Mills, Hartley and Pharris for girl’s night out in January. Marcil and Tylo were both missing in action and there’s no word on if they will be returning for another season.

On the reality tv drama, Hunt is known for her practical, opinionated, no nonsense attitude which shined through in all nine episodes. In the joint project, Hunt will be playing the role of a single mother named “Jenny,” who doesn’t quite fit in and who Mills’ character refers to as a “tramp.” The most notable moment was on episode 9, where she opposes Mills in reference to Pharris only having three lines defending her saying, “nobody [wants] to be the sidekick, and there’s no reason why you should have to be.”

Crystal recently posted a caption on social media with lyrics from a Tim Mcgraw song:

“I know you got mountains to climb
But always stay humble and kind
When the dreams you’re dreamin come to you
When the work you put in is realized
Let yourself feel the pride but
Always stay humble and kind…”

I wonder if this means they are in the process of taping new episodes for Queens of Drama?

Crystal has a few secrets of her own that aren’t included in SoapOperaNetwork’s career breakdown.  Hunt’s experience includes being an Emmy-nominated actress who starred as the “misguided teenager” Lizzie Spaulding on the iconic CBS daytime series Guiding Light and “the devious stripper” Stacy Morasco on the ABC daytime series One Life to Live. She is also an executive producer for Bev Land’s film, Talbot, a Hitchcockian horror film set in the ‘80s.  She’s also moving up in the world, as Crystal Hunt recently starred in Magic Mike XXL opposite Channing Tatum.

When Your Online Reputation Matters

A need for reputation repair or reputation management could occur at any time. When it happens, it’s imperative to contact a reliable online reputation management firm.

Melissa Click, assistant professor at the University of Missouri, realized how important good reputation is. Melissa got in trouble with the law for inappropriate behavior during students protest. She was caught on film trying to encourage violence and was charged with a misdemeanor. The video went viral and her reputation was adversely affected.

Melissa was ordered to do community service and stay out of trouble. She got suspended while the incident was being investigated. Melissa almost lost her teaching job and her career but she got support from many of her colleagues who argued that one mistake shouldn’t end her career.

Melissa consulted a highly recommended reputation management firm, Status Labs, and they started a reputation repair campaign.

Status Labs is well known as a leader in reputation management and has a track record of getting the best results possible for clients. Status Labs uses their proprietary techniques and expert skills to address a variety of online reputation issues.

Your online reputation is extremely important. It’s what Internet users find when they search your name, and it shapes their impression of you.

If you have a bad online reputation, there is something you can do to change the situation. Whether you are an entrepreneurs struggling with reviews, a job seeker with bad reputation or embarrassing photos, or a CEO with bad press, you have options.

It’s extremely important to solve your online issue. As an experienced, reliable and dedicated online reputation management firm, Status Labs specializes in online crisis management situations. The company has well qualified public relations experts and SEO specialists who provide real, proven results fast.

Status Labs will review your situation and determine what needs to be done to improve it, and what measures need to be taken to monitor and protect your reputation online.

Helping Animal Shelters Address Their Biggest Issues

Many attorneys who work in New York State have found ways that they can reach out to individuals in the communities where they work and live. They have found ways that they can help ethnic minorities, children, women, as well as support a wide variety of causes. Many attorneys in New York have even done work that helps animals. Ross Abelow has spearheaded a campaign that will benefit animal shelters in New York City. This is an important cause, especially because winter temperatures are so low and this presents significant danger to homeless animals.

Individuals can support Ross Abelow by donating to the cause. They can find his Go Fund Me page online and learn more about the work he is doing. Once $5,000 has been raised, the money will be given to shelters in the New York City area. This money is going to help individuals who work in shelters to address problems they are experiencing.

Shelters in New York City and in other big cities around the United States are experiencing some serious problems. First, they at times have to turn homeless animals away because the amount of space that is available is very limited. Second, they just do not have proper funding. They do not have money to pay veterinarians when animals are sick. They do not have money to purchase blankets or to pay the electric bill in order to keep homeless animals warm during the winter months.

Many individuals in the New York City area are familiar with the work that Abelow does. He is an experienced attorney. He maintains a personal blog site that addresses a wide variety of legal issues, particularly issues that affect the family. Many individuals follow his Facebook and Mashable accounts where he posts useful legal information.

Ross Abelow has been working as an attorney in New York City since 1990. After graduating from the Brooklyn Law school and obtaining his license, he began working hard to defend the rights of clients who are facing different types of legal issues. Besides being an expert in matrimonial and family law, Ross Abelow will sometimes take cases that involve civil litigation or entertainment law. Also, he will write blogs that have to do with these matters as well.