Freedom Debt Relief Could be Financial Freedom

WBRC recently published Andrew Housser’s article titled “How to Safeguard Your Credit After the Equifax Breach” to help readers protect their identity and credit information after the devastating security breach that Equifax experienced earlier this year and what Freedom Debt Relief knows.

Andrew Housser is an expert in finance, he is the CEO and co-founder of Freedom Financial Network which he began in 2002. He also began in 2005. After working in the financial industry for a variety of years, he worked in investment banking. He received his MBA from the Stanford Business School.

After the enormous Equifax breach, 143 million Americans had their credit and personal information exposed to hackers. Social Security numbers, addresses, birth dates, and names have all been disclosed as the number of Americans affected continues to grow and Freedom Debt Relief’s lacrosse camp.

One of the most important things to do in this dangerous time is to check with Equifax’s new website to understand if your information has been exposed. The website also provides detailed information on the situation as well as a year of free credit monitoring and identity protection and their Facebook.

If your information has been exposed, it is important that you connect with the three credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. By freezing your accounts you prevent anyone from accessing your credit information, making it incredibly unlikely that a creditor would loan money in your name. That way, thieves would not be able to open any lines of credit in your name. When you wish to open a line of credit for yourself, you simply unfreeze your account with the PIN you created during the signup process and read full article.

Housser also encourages you to watch the credit scores of your children as well as your bank accounts and credit card statements. If there are any unusual charges contact your creditor or your banker to identify fraudulent charges immediately.

Freedom Debt Relief is one of Housser’s companies under the Freedom Financial Network. It is geared towards helping qualified Americans relieve their debt through debt settlement programs and contact their.

Jeremy Goldstein; the Compensation and Knock out Options Expert

Jeremy Goldstein, the founder, and partner at Jeremy L Goldstein and associates a law firm which advises companies on compensation and corporate governance especially on sensitive issues. Jeremy began the law firm in 2014 after his stint at Wachtell,Lipton.Rosen and Katz where he was a partner. Before joining Wachtell, he was an associate at Shearman and Sterling LLP.Jeremy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell University and Masters in Art from the University of Chicago. He also studied law at New York University School of Law.


Jeremy has participated in significant company transactions with major companies, and in a recent article, he explains how options help employers. He says companies have currently curtailed options as an employee benefit. Jeremy says this is due to the fact if the stock prices for the company fall it will be impossible to exercise the options and employees are well aware of this. Jeremy also notes that staff members have options as a valuable option in comparison to the money they would have received.


In spite of the above disadvantages, Jeremy notes that options have an advantage in that its easy for the staff members to understand and they boost the earning of the employees if the share price of the company goes up. Jeremy advises that if a firm wishes to give the employees options,the firm can overcome the disadvantage by embracing what he calls the knock out strategy. This strategy works as the standard option, but the employees lose the option if the share value falls below a specific amount.


The knock out strategy also reduces the accounting cost especially if the firms stock is volatile. The knock out options also mitigate threats for non employee investors on shrinking shares they are likely to receive once the options are exercised.The knock out strategy prevents the share price of the stock from falling below the forfeiture price. Employees know when they can earn more. Jeremy cautions that before a company takes up the knock out the strategy they should involve the company auditors and take some time after derivatives have expired before they can issue new ones.


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Get Help With a Digital Attack

It can be very tempting for an entrepreneur to take every attack the way he sees fit. Often times, this is not the wisest course of action. Many people when they are under attack respond in ways that will only make their reputation worse. One way they tend to respond is through retaliation and threats. This only makes the entrepreneur look bad. The other way is to ignore it with the hopes that it will go away. The only thing is that if the attack on the reputation appears on the front page of the search results, it is going to discourage potential customers from doing business with the business.


Fortunately, entrepreneurs and other types of users can get advice on what they can do from Status Labs. For one thing, Status Labs has a lot of experience with handling reputation. Therefore, the experts of the company know just how damaging it can be to have an attack on reputation. They also know what can be done according to the nature of the attacks. Any entrepreneur that is interested in their services just has to contact them and then they will schedule a time to look at their unique situation.


Status Labs learns about the client and the nature of the attack with the hopes of finding out what can be done in order to recover from the attack. Status Labs always comes up with an effective strategy of bringing recovery to someone’s reputation so that they will be able to continue on with business with before. Clients that sign up with Status Labs experience a lot of satisfaction with the services given to them.


Status Labs is one of the most prominent companies in the online reputation management industry. People of all walks of life have consulted them when it has come to their reputation. It is not just online users that have consulted them. Popular figures, celebrities and even political figures have come to them because of a crisis that they are dealing with. Status Labs has been effective at giving them steps that they can take to recover from their scandals.


Lawsuits Planned to Impede DACA Phase-Off

From the moment President Trump announced the proposed DACA phase-off on September 5 2017, an avalanche of lawsuits opposing the move was expected.

Well several plaintiffs and civil rights organizations have already filed a lawsuit to challenge this announcement. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The plan to wipe out DACA follows the promises Trump made during his campaigns for the US Presidency. Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general had earlier on threatened to institute legal action against the federal government if it failed to terminate DACA by 5th September 2017.

President Trump found the perfect excuse and opportunity to announce the DACA phase-off on the same day even though the program has been a major success.

Lawsuit by States

Fifteen states as well as the District of Columbia have come together and filed a lawsuit referred to as Batalla-Vidal v. Baran. The suit had been originally instituted to dispute the court order issued in the case of Texas v. U.S.

It was amended in early September this year to dispute the decision by President Trump to phase-off DACA. The lawsuit raises strong arguments that most states will feel the effect of the proposed phasing off as thousands of their taxpayers will be at risk of being deported.

Secondly, the lawsuit argues that President Trump is in violation of the clause on equal protection as his move targets DREAMers, a majority of whom originate from Mexico. The lawsuit has inferred the rhetoric that Trump has against the Mexicans as enough proof of his hate or “racial animus” towards them. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

Lawsuit by the University of California System

Additionally, the University of California has also filed another lawsuit against President Trump for phasing off DACA. The University of California system has cited in its lawsuit that its students will be exposed to huge damages and costs.

They contend that the phasing off is unconstitutional and will lead to a violation of their rights on the basis of a whim. It further claims that rescinding the DACA program goes against the Clause on Due Process contained in the Fifth Amendment and the requirements set out by the Administrative Procedure Act (APA).

From this action, it is evident that the university system is not only mindful of its students but also its administrative personnel and teachers who could be DACA beneficiaries.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Jim Larkin and his partner Michael Lacey co-founded two media companies namely Village Voice Media and New Times. The two decided to channel the settlement money they got from court from their wrongful arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio to assist organizations in Arizona fighting for migrant rights. The Maricopa County Sheriff had caused their arrest back in October 18 2007 and the court granted them a settlement sum in the region of $3.75 million.

The duo had been arrested at night and put in jail for exposing the subsistence of proceedings by a grand jury seeking their notes on the Sheriff.

There were also subpoenas demanding for the identities of people who read online articles on News Times touching on the Sheriff. The fund is intended to help groups advocating for human, civil, civic participation etc in Arizona and at the border of Mexico.

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Bradesco’s Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is Heading Into The Last Two Years Of His Presidency But Will Leave A Strong And Lasting Legacy

Banco Bradesco is one of the oldest banks in Brazil. By the end of 2017, the bank will be 74 years old. The company’s continued stay at the top of the Brazilian financial sector has been partially due to its strong traditions. Among the bank’s longest-held traditions is that the mandatory retirement age for the chief executive officer is 65. However, the bank went against the grain this year deciding to extend the retirement age for the current CEO and President, Luiz Carlo Trabuco by two more years, shocking the entire country in the process. The unexpected decision was made by Bradesco’s board because Luiz Carlo Trabuco’s talent was too valuable to let go, despite hitting the previously set retirement age. He has been one of Bradesco’s most loyal servants and has guided the bank through arguably the hardest period in its modern history. As we head into the final two years of his presidency, it is safe to say that Luiz Carlo Trabuco will continue performing above what is expected.

While Luiz Carlo Trabuco is today considered one of the best leaders in Bradesco’s history, his has had to prove himself immensely. At the time Luiz Carlo Trabuco took over as the new CEO and President of Bradesco in 2009, he was faced with two key challenges. The first was an ongoing global financial crisis whose impacts had spread as far out as Brazil. Consequently, the financial sector in Brazil was not as vibrant as it was under the reign of his predecessor, Marcio Cypriano. The opportunities for growth were highly limited, and many of the larger banks experienced reductions to their bottom lines while some of the smaller banks died out. Trabuco Bradesco successfully came out of this challenge by switching tact from acquisitions as a growth strategy to the safer, but slower, organic strategy. The second challenge he faced was the fact that Bradesco had just been unseated as the biggest private bank in the country. Only eight years after its inception Amador Aguiar, Bradesco had risen to become the largest private bank in the country and held the position until 2008 – the eve-year of Luiz Carlo Trabuco’s appointment to president. The loss of market position was to Itau Unibanco, a bank that was formed through the merger of Banco Itau and Unibanco. While Itau Unibanco remains the biggest private bank in the country today, Luis Carlo Trabuco has managed to close down the gap substantially. With the single action of acquiring HSBC Brazil in 2015 for approximately 5 billion dollars, Bradesco surpassed Banco Itau in the number of accounts held, investments made and coverage of the branch network. Itau Unibanco remains ahead of Bradesco in only a few areas, including the total assets.

While the five-decade stay at Bradesco means that Luiz Carlo Trabuco is one of the most knowledgeable employees on the company’s culture, he is known to deviate and mix it up a little where it is in the best interest of the bank. For instance, while Bradesco has largely been promoting talent from inside the bank, Luis Carlo Trabuco has expanded the search to include talents working outside the Bradesco group. Additionally, he has also created a Corporate University, Unibrad. Unibrad has earned considerable acclaim both within and outside Brazil. In fact, it was the 2017 recipient of the GlobalCCU Awards for the best corporate institution in the world.

All in all, given all that he has accomplished over the last seven years, the next two years look to be very promising for Bradesco and its subsidiaries.

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Adam Milstein Role in the Society

Adam Milstein is considered to be one of the most respected philanthropists in the United States. The businessman has done a lot to help many people in the world, especially those who have Israeli roots. Apart from being a successful philanthropist, Milstein has done well as a businessman, especially in the real estate department. Most of his investments in the department are believed to be very profitable. The money he gets from the business is used in various philanthropic activities and more information click here.

When growing up in Israel, Adam Milstein knew that he only wanted to serve humanity when he grew up. This simple discipline was instilled by his parents who were passionate about assisting the other people in the society. Sixty-five years later, the businessman is only committed to service. Due to his services to the community, one of the most respected journals in the world named Milstein one of the most influential Jews in the world. According to the magazine, Adam Milstein is a Jewish leader who has done so much to transform the lives of many needy people in the world.

Adam Milstein has also been a strong advocate of peace in Israeli. For many years, the Christians and Jews living in the country were living in hatred because of the differences. According to Adam Milstein, the Christians disliked the Jews because they had killed Jesus Christ, a Jew who was living among them. Most of the doctrines that were taught in both communities encouraged hatred in both communities for a long time.

Most of the times, the Jews were not allowed to work or live close to the Christians. The community leaders did not want to preach peace among their followers. Several years later, Adam Milstein says that there has been so much change in Israeli. According to him, these communities are now living together in harmony for several decades. The church doctrine has changed, and church leaders are encouraging their followers to love their neighbors regardless of the race, religion, and place of birth. Jews have now been allowed to work with Christians and make great progress in their daily lives. The two communities have learned to respect each other and learn more about Adam Milstein.

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Mike Baur’s Success Story as an Entrepreneur

Mike Baur, a renowned Swiss businessperson and entrepreneur, is one of the founders and managing partner of the Swiss Start-up Factory. Growing up in a region of Switzerland known as Freiurg, Baur earned business degrees at Bern University and the University of Rochester, and started his banking career as a teenager.


Baur started out as a young finance expert and became an apprentice at the Union Bank of Switzerland in 1991. He continued to work for UBS through the 1990s and was promoted to an important advisory position before attaining the age of 30 years. He, however, decided to stop working for UBS in 2008 despite his brilliant success at the company and joined Clariden Leu Bank at the Zurich office. Here, he held a high-ranking position for almost six years.


In order for him to focus on his new passion for helping tech entrepreneurs, Mike quit to begin investing in start-up companies before co-founding Swiss Start-up Factory in 2014. He co-founded this company with Max Meister, who they schooled together at Bern University, and Oliver Walzer. The program was aimed at uplifting Swiss entrepreneurs by providing training and mentoring services, and supplying funds to promising startups.


Through the mentoring and training services, which are offered for three months, the new enterprise owners learn to market their services or products around the world. Businesspersons also have a great opportunity to network with other tech entrepreneurs and learn how to obtain funding from investors. The overall result of the training and mentorship program is a great increase in the likelihood of long-term success.


Swiss Start-up Factory also encourages qualified tech startups to enter pitching contest. The competition, which is usually held at Swiss University, is known as START Summiteer. The event, which only accepts firms with less than $1 million in funding, gives a chance to the founders of 30 new businesses to talk about their plans, products and business models in public. Companies with great potential frequently attract substantial investment. Baur served as one of the jurors in one of the major contests that happened in 2014.


Mike Baur was appointed as the deputy managing director of a company known as CTI Invest in January 2016 when the Swiss Start-up Factory partnered with CTI. Baur also led Swiss Start-up Factory to partner with Fintech Fusion in February 2016.


In a recent interview, where Mike Baur discussed SSUF, he said that it differs from most incubators due to its independence and ability not to operate as part of another business or political organization. This has led to better results.


Equities First Using Stock-Based Loans to Commence Your Business

Majority of business visionaries have dumbfounding ideas on how to expand their businesses to higher levels but with insufficient or no capital most of them don’t go far. They acknowledge that their idea will never arise unless they have satisfactory funding behind them. There are many startups that get started every day but most of them don’t kick off probably as a result of not getting a reliable lender. But putting trust only to conventional loans which come with several verification processes to go through may not work in today’s world economic crisis. That is the reason Equities First Holdings is prepared to subsidize your new company without a ton of conditions. By simply utilizing stock value as certification, you can get a dire credit that you can pay for duration of 3 years.

Positive Working capital is vital for your association to meet its steady operational needs. The availability of working capital effects your association’s ability to meet its business targets and short-term responsibilities, and notwithstanding remaining financially stable. On the off chance that your present resources can’t surpass your present liabilities, you fall at the trap of not having the capacity to pay short-term leasers in due time and more information click here.

Associations that are seasonal or cyclical even require more working funding to stay in business amid off seasons. Regardless of the way that your association can make to pay for yearly bills, you should have the guarantee of having adequate working cash-flow to meet your normal commitments. For example, an association may do more profits during holidays causing larger payoffs while the year comes to end. In all circumstances, every organization should have sufficient working funds to buy stock and deal with payrolls, even in low seasons when the flow of income is minimal. Equities First Holdings provides financial solutions and capital for startups by just utilizing your stock values as collateral and learn more about Equities First.

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Brian Torchin Shows How Business Can Come Together With Community

Brian Torchin might not be a name that everyone’s aware of. But those people who know of him have a lot to say on the subject. The main reason is that Brian Torchin hasn’t just proven himself in the business world. He’s one of the rare individuals who’s been able to channel that success into the public.

Torchin started out as a physician of chiropractic practice. For most people that’d be the end goal and mark the final stage of their career. It’s a job in which people can make a great living while also helping others. But Torchin realized that he could do far more to help people. His experiences running his facility showed him just how much more could be done for healthcare as a whole.

This desire to help people on a larger scale led him to Health Care Recruitment Counselors. As president of HCRC staffing, he’s been able to accomplish something truly remarkable. Holding himself to high standards in his practice led to amazing results.

But again, he was quite aware of the fact that he could only do so much at any given time. He’d come to recognize that his standards were something that really needed to be shared with the world. It wasn’t just that he had the skill, but also that he understood where that skill needed to lead. Learn more about Brian Torchin: and

As president of HCRC staffing he’s been able to bring those standards to others. When people come to him, he’s able to provide assistance that meets his criteria. It’s as if he’s been able to essentially create hundreds of versions of himself to send out to make the world a better place.

According to Lulu, instead of using his skills one on one with his own practice, Brian Torchin can help staff chiropractic private practices in order to instantly raise their overall level of service and skill. This is really the biggest change that he’s been able to bring to health care. He’s shown that it’s not always about how one treats a patient.

It’s often just as important to work on staff relations. The way one mentors someone will have a direct impact on how they will, in turn, be able to help patients.

The Return Of George Soros To U.S. Politics Marks The End Of The Obama Era

In the early days of the 2008 U.S. Presidential election cycle, George Soros seemed to have found his champion in the form of the first African-American President Barrack Obama. Soros joined many of his fellow Democrat supporters in throwing his support behind Obama instead of the more experienced Hillary Clinton; before the 2008 election was completed, Soros had already distanced himself from the candidacy of Obama as he felt let down by the policy decisions being made by those around the President who had backed away from the liberal agenda initially backed by Soros. Shockingly, the founder of Soros Fund Management who Forbes states ha obtained a personal fortune of more than $25 billion was sidelined during the 2008 election season despite providing more than $27 million for the campaign of John Kerry for President in the 2004 election.

In 2016, Soros returned to the political giving landscape with his support of Hillary Clinton for President as he had rebuilt his relationship with the former First Lady and become a major contributor to her campaign in financial and policy terms. Key allies of Soros explained to Politico the Hungarian born founder of the Open Society Foundations had never met with President Barrack Obama because of their disagreements over policy and the agenda being pursued by the Administration between 2008 and 2016. Backing Hillary Clinton with a reported $25 million in funding has been seen by many as a combination of the three-decade long political friendship the two share and a show of defiance targeted at the outgoing Democratic President. Emails reported by Politico show those in key positions of power in the Democratic Party understood Soros was not happy with the choice of Obama in 2008 and admitted his own mistake after the election of the President for a second term in The White House.

Alongside the support given to Clinton during the 2016 election campaign, George Soros believes a political change must soon come and fought to avoid this change leading to the election of the right-wing sympathizing Donald Trump. One of the key points of concern for George Soros during the 2016 election campaign was the ability of the U.S. to effectively fight terrorism across the planet; Soros believes the racial rhetoric of the Republican candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz would cause concern around the world. The calls from George Soros for President Donald Trump to change his approach to global terrorism and other issues have continued for George Soros as he believes the Administration created by Donald Trump is threatening the security of the entire world; Soros has been using the Democracy Alliance group he created in 2005 to find ways of fighting the agenda of Trump throughout his Presidential term.