Customers Praise Securus for Technology that Prevents Crimes

The correctional field has high evidence standards when it comes to investigating and prosecuting crime correctional leadership is familiar with the standard required by the legal system and various courts. This makes recent praise from correctional facility customers for Securus Technologies even more significant. Customers praised the technology company for its innovation in the technology field that plays a significant role in contributing to public safety.


In the customer comments Securus was credited with helping to prevent, investigate, and prosecute multiple crimes inside and outside of correctional facilities. In many cases, their inmate call monitoring and self-management system led to discovery and mitigation of the distribution of dangerous contraband throughout facilities. In one notable case, the call monitoring technology led to the arrest of a corrupt correctional staff member who was bringing contraband in for inmates.


For Securus Technologies, dependability is everything. They serve over 1.2 million inmates across nearly 3,500 facilities, so they recognize the importance of safety in all technological enhancements. Their commitment to excellence means that their technological solutions can be depended on to provide accurate, relevant evidence that is actionable in the most rigorous legal environments. Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith remains dedicated to technological advancements that serve public and correctional safety needs.

Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler’s Contribution At JustFab

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler founded JustFab in March 2010. This small company did not have adequate financial power to concur the world of e-commerce. The two co-CEOs of the company embarked on a funding campaign to secure the necessary financing for their brainchild. Their campaigns were successful with the company securing over $100 million in funding in just two years of its founding. The retailer of shoes, handbags, denim, and jewelry now owns other companies such as FabKids and Fabletics. The corporation has operations in North America and Europe.

Justfab received its first funding in 2011. The $33 million was sourced from Matrix Partners, a US venture capital firm. Less than a year later, Matrix Partners collaborated with Rho Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, and Technology Crossover Ventures, to fund the subscription retail company with an additional $76 million. The two rounds of funding enabled the start-up to expand its operation to the UK, Canada, and Germany. This expansion enabled the company to increase its sales. The company was also able to make its first acquisition in 2013. It acquired FabKids, a children’s fashion subscription company.

Adam and Don continued with their third round of funding. The co-founders planned to use the capital to introduce new product categories and accelerate the growth of the company. The company managed to raise $40 million in this round of funding. The last round of funding was conducted in August 2014. Passport Special Opportunity Fund led the funding drive. Other participants in the round were Matrix Partners, Shining Capital, and Technology Crossover Venture. Overall, the company had a total capitalization of over $250 million. JustFab used this opportunity to expand its operations into more countries. Recently, the company changed its name to TechStyle Group. Its headquarters are based in El Segundo, California.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are entrepreneurs with loads of experience in the fashion subscription industry. The two executives have gone on to establish other notable companies such as Fabletics, Intermix, and Intelligent Beauty. These companies have greatly benefited from the visionary leadership offered by the two successful and shrewd businessmen. They are always determined to succeed in all their endeavors.




Adam Goldenberg On Why JustFab Became TechStyle Fashion Group

Adam Goldenberg recently appeared on CNBC to discuss a change to his company, JustFab. The company was rebranded as TechStyle Fashion Group just this last year, a move that Goldenberg and his co-CEO Don Ressler made because of how he perceives the fashion shopping model is changing. Goldenberg’s company has opened physical retail stores and plans to open more in the future, so shopping in outlet malls is not likely to change. But online branding is something that spurred the popularity of JustFab, and big data analysis in running the company’s inventory has become a mainstay, that Goldenberg and Ressler decided to name the company TechStyle Fashion Group as a signature of what happens when technology meets fashion shopping.


Adam Goldenberg has always been a man who has used technology and marketing to his advantage, starting his first company when he was only 15 years old called Gamer’s Alliance. This company became quite a phenomena, and digital media agency Intermix Media decided to buy it and hire Goldenberg on their technical team. Goldenberg had just barely completed high school when he went to work for Intermix Media, and at only 20 years old he became the company’s chief operating officer. While there, he also met the founder of, Don Ressler who would become Goldenberg’s friend and primary business partner.


Goldenberg and Ressler began experimenting with various brands and e-commerce business ideas while still at Intermix Media, and they came up with the idea to launch Alena, an e-commerce store that became a hit when MySpace was founded. But in 2005, News Corp took over Intermix Media and Alena went by the wayside. Unhappy with the new management, Goldenberg and Ressler decided to leave the MySpace parent company. In 2006, they founded Intelligent Beauty through which they started several health and beauty product brands.


Goldenberg and Ressler decided to become fashion salesmen in 2010 when the idea for JustFab started taking off. It began with some ideas from friends of theirs in the fashion industry, and soon evolved to hosting functions and other meetings. But the idea to run a VIP member company along with affordable merchandise also resonated well with celebrities such as Kimora Lee Simmons, and later actress Kate Hudson who has become the face of subsidiary Fabletics. As of today, JustFab has become fully independent of venture capital funding and is also valuated at over $1 billion.

Jose Borghi’s Passion for Advertising

Brazilian advertising reflects the vibrant environment that the country is widely hailed for, and with the ad agency Mullen Lowe Brasil they use colorful and multi-layered stories to connect people and brands. The President of Mullen Lowe, Jose Borghi is not only a native of Brazil, but he is also innately creative. His storytelling skills and broad appeal, from his early perspective as a fresh out of college copywriter or as the President of an agency, has always been able to shine a light on just what companies and people are searching for.

He has a keen ability to communicate the messages that brands want people to take away from each campaign. This ability has led to a twenty-five year long career in advertising that is decorated with awards and feats in the industry. What’s even more impressive is the fact that Borghi was able to accomplish a tremendous amount of his success early on as a copywriter, creative director, and even as an entrepreneur when he first started out on his own and read full article.

Various festivals all over the world have awarded Borghi numerous times for the brilliant work and inventiveness of his ad campaigns. There is no denying that Borghi is passionate about his work in advertising. His passion is what has brought him much further than if he were simply relying on his education or talent, and that same passion is what you sense in every decision that he has made throughout his career. Jose Borghi has only become more committed and more involved in the advertising field.

Dynamic Morgan Freeman Movies


Morgan Freeman movies have proven him to be a compelling actor and he has made quite a name for himself in Hollywood. With so many major movies made, there is truly difficulty in picking one or even a few. If you’re new to Morgan Freeman, you will definitely want to check out the titles mentioned. One of the best black movies Freeman has made is Kiss The a Girls.

He stars alongside Ashley Judd as Alex Cross to take down a Casanova type kidnapper. Shawshank Redemption is also another great movie which has one several awards. Freeman and Tim Robbins teamed up together in this movie about two inmates become great friends. Morgan has also utilized his voice to star in March if The Penguins and The Lego Movie. Million Dollar Baby has also made a mark in history for Freeman who starred alongside Hilary Swank in this moving and powerful boxing drama.

Clay Siegall: A Diligent Leader


Neanderthal discovery

Recently, a paper was published in Nature magazine about discoveries made from three 50,000-year-old Neanderthal men. One was from a site in Belgium and the other in Spain. Scientists sequenced strands of genetic material from the three and one of the discoveries was that the men did not floss.

Since the Neanderthals did not floss, the plaque of their teeth could disclose a lot of things on their lifestyles such as how they interacted, loved and ate. Plaque from the Belgium Neanderthal revealed that he ate mushrooms, sheep, and wooly rhinoceros while the one from the Spain Neanderthal revealed that he ate mushrooms, bark, and moss.

Saturn’s moon

Having been orbiting Saturn since 2004, the Cassini spacecraft sent back images recently on a tiny moon that orbits Saturn. The moon completes a revolution around Saturn every 14 hours due to its proximity. It is 20 miles in diameter. The name given to the moon is Pan. The equatorial ridges on Pan and the other Saturn’s moons are as a result of the accumulation of rings particles gotten over time as the satellites went around in their orbit.

This could be the last images sent by Cassini after about ten years circling Saturn. In its final mission, Cassini will plunge past the planet and collect details on Saturn’s ring mass, atmosphere, and gravitational fields.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall currently works as the Chief Executive Officer of the Seattle Genetics Company. He also serves as the president and chairman of the board. Siegall was among the founders when Seattle Genetics was formed in 1998. The company was created with a goal and desire to aid people.

Since the genesis of his career, Siegall has always had a desire to assist cancer patients and improve their lives. He has successfully run the company in developing exciting research and cancer therapies. At the moment, the company is developing an antibody-drug conjugate that treats cancer.

Siegall studied at the George Washington University where he graduated with a Ph.D. in Genetics. Throughout his career, Clay has been focused and committed to implementing the most leading edge research developments.

A Look At Igor Cornelsen’s Investment Career

Igor Cornelsen is renowned Brazilian investment expert and investor. The investment banker has established a name for himself from his numerous successful stock market investments. Presently, Cornelsen works for Bainbridge Investments Inc. The investor joined the company in the spring of 2011 on Tripod. In the last six years, he has dedicated himself to helping the enterprise discover creative ways in which the public can start investing in the stock market.

Despite working for a company located in the Bahamas, Igor Cornelsen spends most of his time outside the country. He prefers working from South Florida, where he resides, or from his country of origin, Brazil. The need to monitor his investments in Brazil has seen him spend almost 50 percent of his time in the country. He prefers flying between Florida and Brazil as it is fast. Despite his busy schedule, the investor plays golf. Moreover, he follows the sport online on LinkedIn.

Many investors have always tried to find the secret behind Igor’s success in investments. The investor simply puts it as “Brazil Market’. Brazil’s economy is growing fast due to the economic reforms taking place in the country in addition to its large population. Brazil has the fifth largest economy in the globe. The fast-growing economy has translated into a better business environment, which has attracted many companies to the country.

The investor’s knowledge of the stock market is unrivaled. Industry experts believe that very few individuals can master his expertise in the field. This has made him one of the leading investors to watch. Many people around the world keenly follow the investor’s investment tips according to Lulu.

Igor is not selfish with his knowledge about stock markets. He attends many interviews and publishes articles at that share his thoughts and insight about investing. By virtue of reading his investment tips, many investors have been able to enhance their portfolios. Through diversification of assets, investors have managed to reduce their risks and improve their returns.

Before joining Bainbridge Investment Inc., Igor Cornelsen worked in the banking industry. According to his social media pages, he has worked for different banks in Brazil as a senior investment expert. He retired from the industry in 2010. Presently, Igor focuses on investment as a hobby.

Doe Deere: Queen of Unicorns

Makeup should be all about having fun. For Doe Deere, that concept isn’t just a passion, it’s her business.


Doe Deere, a Russian-born, New York-raised entrepreneur is the CEO and Founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Lime Crime started as an eBay DIY fashion line in 2004; Deere launched Lime Crime Cosmetics in 2008.


The LA-based makeup line is now a Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr cult favorite. Any search for “Lime Crime” on Tumblr brings up selfies of women rocking Lime Crime makeup, especially the brand’s signature lipsticks.


With lipstick names like “Beet It,” “Cheap Thrill,” and “Trip,” Lime Crime brings to mind brands like Urban Decay, but it’s got an edge of its own.


“Today, [Lime Crime] stands for color revolution, breaking the rules, and not being afraid to color outside the lines!” Deere explains in a recent interview with Galore magazine. “It encourages us to have fun with color and not to take ourselves too seriously.”


The self-proclaimed “Queen of the Unicorns” calls her fans unicorns because “[I]t takes a very specific kind of a person to rock the shades we produce,” she says, “someone brave, someone who loves color, someone who defies expectations.” Many of her ‘unicorns’ rock Lime Crime as part of their Halloween makeup looks.


Deere has considered herself an entrepreneur since her childhood in Russia, where she popularized temporary tattoos among her classmates and sold them. During her formative years living in New York City, she was a musician in a band.


Today, Deere is highly regarded as an innovator in the beauty community, especially as a female entrepreneur whose business focuses almost exclusively on e-commerce. Lime Crime was one of the first brands to show “on-lip” pictures of its lipsticks, where the color is shown on actual lips.


She considers Kimberly Gordon, the founder of the vintage-inspired clothing brand Wildfox, to be a friend and mentor. For other ambitious young women, Deere has some advice:


“Follow your heart because I believe that every person has something special about them,” Deere says in an interview with Guest of a Guest. “[W]hen you tune into that, that’s when you really start to blossom and reach your truest potential.” Link to the interview:


OSI Group – The Global Quality Food Supply

OSI is a global supplier of custom value-added food products. It is the world’s leading retail brands and food-service operating in more than 17 countries.

The OSI Group has a professional team that is in charge of quality assurance and ensuring strict compliance with the food safety regulations. They provide a rigorous tracking system and quality storage and transportation of food and food products.

In London on November 25, 2016, the OSI Group UK was bestowed a prestigious Globe of honor by the British Safety Council. The reward was in appreciation for their excellent management of environmental risks. Before the award, the OSI Group had achieved a maximum five-star from the Safety Council after an environmental audit.

Find more on Monster.

The OSI Group recently acquired Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer of Deli meats and snacks operating in the country as convenience foods. However, the details of the transactions were not disclosed, but this was a significant move by the OSI group to broaden and reach more customers. The Baho Food team merged with the OSI Group with the aim of developing a growth strategy and combined efforts in offering the customers a broader product portfolio.

The multi-billion dollar food processing company, the OSI Group has announced its acquisition of the Flagship Europe. The Flagship Europe CEO, Russel Maddok said that he was overwhelmed and the move will enable the company together with OSI Group to acquire more resources that will strengthen their position in the competitive food market. As a result, the Flagship Europe will be able to serve their customers efficiently and lead to the success of the company.

Read more about Sheldon Lavin of OSI Group: Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

John Goullet and why Diversant, LLC is the Industry’s Golden Rocket

John Goullet is the founder and was CEO of Info Technologies between 2004 and 2010. Following the successful merger of his maiden company and Diversant Inc. to form Diversant, LLC he assumed the role of chairman and principal of the new outfit company. This new outfit company capitalized on the strengths of both companies to build a formidable brand and market presence. By combining professionalism, innovativeness and efficiency, John Goullet has managed to stay ahead of the game in the competitive IT staffing industry.

After graduating from Ursinus College, John Goullet began his career in the Information Technology Industry as a consultant. The company he founded in 1994, Info Technologies, provided IT services for top companies. It was not long before the company attracted nationwide attention as one the fastest growing startup Tech firms across the states. Spurred by bludgeoning success and recognition, John Goullet put his brilliant leadership skills and refined commitment to use, making the IT staffing firm to feature repeatedly as a success story. The company followed this by building meaningful partnerships that have resulted in a wider business network, thereby enabling IT staffing solutions to medium and Fortune 500 companies in categories such as direct hire, permanent, temporary, contingent, augmentation, temporary, design solutions and other services.

Diversant, LLC is an IT staffing firm. It provides up to date solutions to the challenges facing the Information Technology marketplace. As a market leader Diversant, LLC works to ensure that companies do not suffer from lack of well-trained and qualified IT personnel. John Goullet recognized earlier on that there was a higher demand for IT professionals across the United States as compared to the supply. The ever-increasing demand for such professionals prompted him to think up a solution. That is how Diversant, LLC came into being. Since 2010, John Goullet has steered the company to greater heights by embarking on a diversified platform of using a different mechanism to arrive at cutting-edge solutions for the Information Technology marketplace.

Described fondly as an IT entrepreneur & Staffing Officer of IT firms, John Goullet has built a premier stage for qualified IT job seekers in fields such as project management, network, mobile, database, designers and much more.