Successfully Building A Human Brand

Beauty is art, and no matter which way you look at it, aesthetics are coveted. Much like any group of people looking at the same painting, all will likely see something a little different, and maybe even dispute the validity of the artistic merit, but the fact remains, they will look. Society is filled with many different kinds of people, yet some, like Kendall Long of the show “Bachelor in Paradise,” are universally appealing. She might have a little advantage over others, in understanding how to capitalize on appearance,as she had attended the Academy of Arts University.

There is nothing wrong with capitalizing on your appearance. to use yourself as a marketing vehicle. Any business 101 class will tell students that one must use every advantage to their benefit. We might not ever know what, if any, opinion Kendall Long had about the Bachelor show before they offered her money and fame, strictly based on her appearance, to be a member of the cast. Most people enjoy the fame that comes along with being on these shows, and invariably this leads to other opportunities, especially if one has acting talent.

Ms. Long may have honed her poise and presentation skills in art school, but regardless of how she came about them, she was sure able to put these assets to use, making her a favorite on the Season 22 episode. There was undeniable energy between Kendall Long and “Grocery Store Joe,” an alumnus of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series, when they met at the Puerto Vallarta hotel in Mexico during Ms. Long’s time on the Bachelor.

Fans quickly took to social media, speculating about the energy between Joe and Ms. Long.

Still today, fans are desperate for information about whether Grocery Store and Kendall are an item, although both have remained circumspect, neither confirming or denying rumors of what many think is a budding romance.

Ms. Kendall, during her days at the Art University, where she majored in communications, was likely entirely unaware she would ever be on the Bachelor, or that fans would speculate about her dating a man called Grocery Store Joe, but nonetheless, she worked hard, ran track and put everything she had to good use. She developed herself as a brand and successfully marketed that brand, which is a true American success story.

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