Sunday Riley, Post Workout Grime Fighter

As we are in the throngs of 2019 resolutions, many people have started a journey to improve their fitness. This has led folks flocking to the gym in droves. Exercise is one of the best ways to make notable differences in one’s health and physical appearance. However, after you have cooked up a decent workout, you are left with the grime and sweat that come with it and if you do not cleanse your skin properly afterwards, you run the risk of creating problems for your skin such as acne and clogged pores.

Sunday Riley is up and ready to help you wash, refresh and nourish your skin and knock away that grime. Double cleansing has steadily become a regular part of any good skin care routine. Sunday Riley seems to have embraced this practice as well as they push out products like U.F.O. Ultra Clarifying Face Oil that cleanses the skin and keeps acne development at bay and Ceramic Slip Facial Cleanser, which contains three different types of clay, buckling down in ridding your skin of all the grime and sweat accumulated from that strenuous workout. Sunday Riley is friendly for all skin types, even sensitive skin to use.

For those of us who need some on the go convenience, Clinique Cleansing Swipes Pop-ups are a great go to that all skin types can utilize. Another good on the go cleanser is the Milk Matcha Cleanser. It is unique in that it comes in stick form and is infused with matcha green tea. Oily and sensitive types are prone to break outs especially after a good workout. This cleanser is a very effective and convenient way to prevent that.

Not all of us are willing to go to the gym bare faced. The downfall to this is the risk of your makeup smudging all over your face. Not a good for anyone. Tarte Lifted Sweatproof Mascara is a great solution that you can even swim in. Pair it with Kinx Gel Eyeliner and you have a smudge proof duo that will have you looking good throughout even your most intense workouts.

Trying to get into shape is stressful enough, with resources such as a good cleansing routine and smudge proof makeup, you can keep your skin looking nice during and after your workouts.

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